One Kingdom

Two Princesses

A kingdom is split in two, separated by two sisters one good and one evil.
Can a child born of both good and evil bring together the Divided Kingdom, once known as Gespara: Kingdom of Salvation?


6. Anya - Death



Chapter 6: Anya-Death



As a young child, I hated the prospect of death. I cried when a flower died, or when a chicken lost its head for our dinner. Death and I didn't get along...I feared it, detested it, and I tried to avoid it at all costs. Although when death is close all the time, its hard to avoid; unless I wished to avoid my father. I couldn't do that. I wouldn't abandon him like mother had. I walked slowly to his chambers, wiping the tears away before he could ask me what was wrong. I had no right to have something wrong with me, after all no one knew what was wrong with him I nodded at the guards and walked inside. The nurse looked up solemnly and I knew nothing had changed. If anything he was growing worse. I sat beside the bed and took his frail hand.


"He's asleep madame." the nurse whispered. "Just winked off a little bit ago." she disappeared into the lavatory and came back in with cool cloths. "For the bed sores. Horrible business that. Bloody as a war they are." the nurse said as she set to work. Her father's eyes opened and he noticed Anya sitting there.


"Hello my dear."


"Hello papa; how are you feeling?"


"Quite possibly the worst I've felt thus far. But don't you worry Yvonne has me on a strict schedule. I'm afraid though, that I will not be able to attend your wedding."


"Its alright papa. I love you, and that's all you need to know. That and all you must do, is get better."


"My dear, there is no getting better. No-no magic my sweet Anya. I want to die when its my time, do not extend my life for yourself."


"I wasn't going to. Papa, why can't you get better? You are magical yourself. What has happened?"


"Every warlock has a malady, and mine happens to be incurable. My fate I'm afraid is inevitable. I love you my sweet girl, take care of your sister, she is confused."


"She has no right to be confused. She ruined Gespara." I said.


"No my darling, your mother ruined Gespara." My father took a sharp-pain filled intake of breathe, and then his eyes closed, and his already frail hand, became slack, and fell from my grasp. 


"Papa! Papa! Anita! Yvonne! Anthony!" I called out, shaking the man on the bed. "Please Papa. I can't rule yet. I can't live without you." Anthony burst into the room, followed by Ciel. 


"Anya, what's wrong?"


"Papa, he's dead." Anthony stepped forth, and placed two fingers on my father's throat. His eyes, usually bright were now downcast with sorrow.


"Anya, I'm so sorry that you're right." Anthony said solemnly, he took the white sheet at the foot of the bed and draped it over my father's deceased body. "Goodbye your heinous. May you find peace wherever you are." I let tears flow freely as I released my father's hand. I covered it in the sheet and stood slowly, "Where are you going?"


"I have an announcement to make, and a coronation to plan." I said sadly. I walked from the room and went to the front balcony that adjoined the throne room. I stepped out onto it and the trumpeters announced my arrival. The townspeople looked up, and stopped whatever it was that they were previously doing. 


"Princess?" a man shouted up to me.


"I, Princess Anya of Gespara New and Old have saddening news to share with you.. My father King Victor has passed on to the next life. He died twenty minutes ago and wished me to be the new Queen of Gespara. As Queen I vow to reunite the Gesparas! We will have our home back, even if it means the end of my days or my sister's."


"Long Live King Victor! Long Live Queen Anya! Long Live King Anthony!" The townspeople hurrahed. I walked back into the castle and was met by Anita.


"Father is dead, and you did not think to inform me before the townspeople? I had to find out from Ciel!" Anita said angrily. "Its good to finally know how you feel about me. I'll be taking my powers and returning to New Gespara, its obvious you don't need or want me here."


"Anita, please don't leave. I called to you first but you did not come. I thought with my magic I could have reached you but I suppose not. What were you doing that was so important?"


"I-I was destroying mother's portrait. I lost track of time I guess."


"Why would you destroy mother's portrait?"


"Because she's the reason you're Queen, and I'm evil. She's the reason Gespara is in shambles, she's the reason why everyone hates me!" Tears streamed down my sister's face like a waterfall of emotion. "I wanted to be free of her." 


"Oh, Anita I'm sorry. So sorry." I enveloped her in a hug, and for once she returned it. "I'm sorry. I had a vision...and I don't want you to die. We must use the spell to fix this. Are you ready?"


"Yes. I am ready." Anita took my hand and led me to the tower room- where mother kept her spells. "I remembered that she kept her spells up here. Its possible that she kept the spell in here. Anthony doesn't have to know what we're doing now." Anita opened the door and the room was circular, like the tower, and lined with expensive silks and other materials. Ingredients for spells lined the walls. In the center on a podium was a spell book, a grimore. Anita walked towards it greedily and opened the book. She stopped on a page.


The Spell of Unison-To Be United:

I've made a mistake

I wish to right my wrong

No matter the stake

Stitch to stitch 

Abyss to whole

Never alone

Not anymore

No longer divided

But now part of a whole

I wish to be united instead of divided.

As I command it, so mote it be.


"Are you sure about this?" I asked Anita and I read the spell to myself.


"I'm positive. I feel good about this. Are you ready?"


"Its too soon. I don't want the citizens to revolt. I have to plan a coronation, a wedding, and a funeral."


"I'll help you, after everything is finished and your Queen and Anthony is King we will unite Gespara."


"Deal." We hugged and I took the spell book to my room. I hid it in my wardrobe and put my father's royal advisor on planning the coronation. Anita wished to plan the the funeral. I was to be dressed in black in a week, in white a week later, and in my finest gown two days later. In two weeks I'll be married, and crowned Queen.




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