One Kingdom

Two Princesses

A kingdom is split in two, separated by two sisters one good and one evil.
Can a child born of both good and evil bring together the Divided Kingdom, once known as Gespara: Kingdom of Salvation?


5. Anita-Memories


Chapter Five: Anita



Soon after Anya hauled Anthony away I was led to my chambers by a servant named Ciel. He was fairly handsome; he had the darkest brown hair I had ever seen, and the greenest eyes you could picture. His eyes were like liquid jade, pouring into my brain and sticking there. He was perfect; how can one so perfect, be of such low class? After so long of being alone on the other side of Gespara, I hadn't realized that I had been missing something, I didn't crave power; or rather more of it-I craved love. Pure, never dying love. I craved what Anya had. I craved it so much. I wanted an Anthony that would comfort my fears and tell me I'm beautiful, even if I became the most deformed creature in the world. Ciel stopped in front of my room and he waited a moment to see what I would do, I curtsied and went inside the door. I was never polite...to anyone and here I was, curtsying to a servant. A mere servant! I was beside myself in confusion as I sat on the vanity stool; what has come over me? Had my mother cast a spell over me? Had she made me evil? I certainly didn't feel evil when I was in the proximity of my father. I pushed these ludicrous thoughts aside and changed into my bedclothes. If I was going to survive the next few days without my magic, and therefore my immortality I needed to stay sharp, I couldn't be distracted by boys and whether or not my mother had betrayed me as I had betrayed her.


I crawled into the bed, and I suddenly realised what bedchamber I was in. It was my mother's or it used to be. Oh...how many times I had run into this room to escape the sweetness of Anya and her playmates. My mother would comfort me with dark images; such as headless horsemen, wars and death. I know it wasn't the normal means of comforting a small child; but it was how an evil queen who doubled as a mother would comfort her only evil child. I remembered the stories clearly and drifted off to sleep; comforted by the old memories of my late mother.


I remembered such wonderful things. She had described men being crushed by boulders, their useless bodies crunching under the rock. A young woman being devoured by a rabid wolf, being ripped limb from limb, blood spurting from her torso and face. As I heard her voice describe them again, I smiled, my eyes closed peacefully. Each word was soothing and descriptive. A young child being thrown into a large vat of boiling water. Their skin slowly turning pink, then red, then black. These thoughts were not the thoughts of a lady. They were the thoughts of a ruler.


I had not dreamed in such a long time; because when I dream I remember. When I remember I lose hold of the unconscious feeling of callousness. It had allowed me to forget my love for my mother, my sister and it allowed me to strike fear in both my subjects and enemies. Unfortunately now that I am mortal I had no control over my dreams. In my dream that night, I remembered the night my mother took me from the castle. Away from my sister; and from my father. I remembered it as if it were yesterday;


Lightening and thunder clashed outside my stained glass window. I cried for my mother hoping she would show instead of father; whose chamber was closer than her's. It was stupid of me to be afraid of such a thing as thunder; after all I was Anita; the evil twin. My bedchamber door slammed open against the stone wall and my mother's silhouette stood in the doorway. I opened my arms for her to engulf me in her embrace. Instead she barked out orders to me.


"Anita, get dressed hurry now."


"Why mama?"


"Do as your told Anita." I did as was asked and stood in front of my mother.


"Where are we going Mama? Is Anya coming?"


"No my darling it is just us who are going." My mother scooped me up and we fled the castle late in the night. I was merely seven years of age and I was being whisked away from the only home I'd ever known. "Anita, I need your help. We're going to divide Gespara."


"What? Why mama?"


"Because we are evil, malicious people, Anita. It's what we do to assert ourselves. That's why." My mother placed me on the ground and she began her incantation. I recognized it as a language from a different realm my mother had forced me to learn. It was Latin. "Et regnum distinguere. Illum ad cicatricem ipsum effundetur, et regnum in duas factiones salutem. Reginam petit, ut facerent malum in tenebris, ut maiorum fiat."


The ground began to rumble and quake beneath us. My mother scooped me into her arms and commanded the earth to create a bridge over the developing trench. I looked back over my shoulder at my home; still intact and it seemed no one knew what was happening. We landed on the other side of the abyss and my mother began working on creating a castle; no a palace for us to live in. When she finished it was far grander than the one we used to live in. 


"Tomorrow my darling daughter we make the announcement."


"I don't think an announcement is necessary. I'm sure the subjects will know the kingdom had been divided."


"It has been too long since the separation of good and evil. It is time to take back Gespara."


I woke from the memory in a cold sweat, as if I was drenched from the rain. I shuddered trying to bury the memory. It was the night I left Anya forever. The night I left every friend I'd ever known. I got up and dressed for the day. Today we discussed the impending wedding. Anya was excited, as would any princess would be for her wedding day. I stepped out of the bedchamber only to be met by Ciel.


"Are you by chance...following me Ciel?"


"Only by direct orders from the princess."


"You mean my sister. Are you her spy, Ciel?"


"I couldn't spy on you madam. Even under orders. Your chamber is bewitched. No doubt left over from your mother."


"How charming, pretty and smart." Ciel blushed and held out his arm for me to take. "You aren't a servant, are you?"


"No. I'm a cousin of Anthony's. I'm here for the wedding. Sorry about the white lie about the whole orders thing."


"Its alright. I'm surprised my reputation doesn't secede me."


"I know all about you Anita. I have to of course since its my family's job."


"You're of noble blood; but you must take care of the royals."


"Correct." Ciel was quiet for a while. "Anita, why did you give up your magic?"


"Father needed me. My mother kidnapped me; I didn't leave because I wished to." I whispered. "I didn't return because I had grown accustomed to being evil; of spilling pointless blood, and I had grown to resent my sister and what she represented. She had everything I craved. She had love, and loyal subjects that didn't quake with fear. She didn't have to kill her mother to protect herself."


"So you continued to be evil out of jealousy?"


"Its in me, I don't have a choice in the matter. I'm evil she's not. I'm evil because I was born evil."


"Everyone has a choice Anita."






"Even me?"


"Even you Anita, especially you."  We arrived in the grand hall and Anya rushed up to me, too excited with wedding arrangements to remember to hate me. She engulfed me in her arms. As sickly sweet as the gesture was, I cherished every second of her touch; because I hadn't seen her in eleven years. I returned the hug and squeezed; 


"Anya, you've no idea how much I've missed you."


"Sister darling, have you bumped your head?"


"No my sister I haven't. I just come to realize bloodshed isn't the answer to my problems. I'm missed you Anya." I noticed Anthony roll his eyes. "I've missed you as well Anthony."


"Bullshit Anita. I was in your head. You don't care about any of us."


"Anthony; can you not be civil? Just for today."


"Have you forgotten already what she has done to us? Where is Nadia? Where is Pitri?"


"I never said she has never committed crimes against us. I am just asking to act like human beings and not barbarians!"


"Technically, Barbarians were humans as well. And we are not human. We're witches." I said quietly. "Anthony has every reason to mistrust me. I am evil after all. I don't expect you to welcome me with open arms. I want this to be over; I want to go home, and most importantly I want my magic back."


"Very well." Anya whispered and pointed to a chair, well a group of chairs that lined the table. 


Anya ran ahead of me around the giant table, the table reserved for important dinners and guests. The table we were not supposed to be near. I was told I did not need to heed the rules of  the castle because it was expected of me to break them anyway. But Anya would be severely punished. Even if I stepped in to save her, they would look over me and blame it all on Anya, because she should've known better. Afterall she was the good witch, the good princess. The savior. On this particular day, Anya and I were caught and I could do nothing as they pulled Anya away to her punishment. I was no longer permitted to play with Anya after that. All because I had broken the crystal chandelier with a well aimed lightning strike. 


"Anya and Anita Miklovitch, why are you in the formal dining hall?" I heard my mother ask behind me as the lightning hit the chandelier's rope. I turned quickly and went to answer just as the chandelier fell, inches from where my sister sat playing with her doll. 


"Mama! Anya and I, I wanted to play with Anya just for a little while."


"Anita, you know that Anya can't play. She's training to become the Queen, remember?"


"What of me? Why am I not training to become queen as well?"


"Because my dear Anita, there is no room for two queens. It was decided that Anya be the first to rule, being that she was born first."


"By twelve in a half seconds! I'm smarter Mama! I love my studies, and Anya does nothing! Are you positive that I'm the evil one?"


"I'm quite sure." My mother answered quickly. "Do not ask me that again. Do you understand?"


"Yes Mama."


"As for Anya, she should have known better than to agree to play with you. Nikolai take Anya to her father and describe the situation. Oh and tell Velka to order a new crystal chandelier."


"Yes madame." 


"As for you Anita, go to your room. Your punishment for acting nice will be dealt to you soon."


I retreated as quickly as possible. I had questioned the queen's decision and instincts. Why was I so stupid?


"Anita! What kind of flowers do you think are better?"


"Hmm? Could you repeat the choices?"


"We've only repeated them to you seven times. Are you feeling well?" Anya asked with so much concern I wanted to cry because I thought mother would walk through the doors and take her away for being so close to me. But mother was dead. Father would be soon, all our fears would be gone soon.


"Just memories." After Anya was punished, her memories were wiped. Therefore Anya had no recollection of any horror that took place in the castle.


"Roses or Daffodils?"


"Do you not like tiger lilies anymore sister?"


"No, not really. What of you sister?"


"Orchids forever and always sister. For you I would say Roses." 



After the first meeting for the wedding I walked alone back to my room. I passed a cloth covered picture that I knew to be of my late mother. I removed the curtain with no concern of consequence. There was my mother, with my sister at her knee and I on her lap. My mahogany hair shone brightly and my eyes shone with the evil that I had been cursed with. My sister was portrayed as an angel. I dared myself to look at my mother's face.


"Hello mother." I looked at her raven wing hair and her cold green eyes. It was hard to imagine her being caring. She was only caring towards me, because I was her evil prodigy. 


It was a sunny afternoon in New Gespara as I made my way towards the grand hall of the palace. My mother wished for my presence and since I was but a humble princess I had to oblige her every command. Even if I hated every bone in her body for separating me from my other half. I missed Anya so much it hurt.


"Mother? You wished to see me." 


"Yes. It seems I have made a slight miscalculation. You see the prophecy; it calls for a sacrifice of the princess' greatest love. In your case that would be me would it not?"


"What prophecy mother?"


"No concern of your's my dear girl." My mother lunged at me, dagger in hand. I had no choice I had to kill her or she would kill me. I flicked my wrist and her neck snapped in a sickening crack. She fell to the ground mid lunge. I fell to my knees and began to weep. My mother was dead, I had killed her, more importantly she had tried to kill me. My people could not know their queen had been delusional. I touched her wrist and allowed myself to glamour to match her appearance. I wiped away the tears and walked away. 


"Nikolai, take care of the body for me, won't you?"


"Of course my queen."



The tears fell freely as the memory ended. I walked away, not bothering to recover the painting. I closed myself in the bedchamber and collapsed onto the floor. The tears overwhelmed me and I let my mortal emotions take me over for the first time in eleven years. The memories this castle held would be the end of me. I would remember too much and I would go insane and collapse at the overwhelmingly dark secrets of the Miklovitch family. Memories were good in a way, they kept you sane. If you were a normal person. But I was a Miklovitch princess. I was a prophesied princess. An evil witch that helped divide the Kingdom of Salvation. I was going to hell. I knew it, everyone knew it. As soon as the child in my sister's womb grew to be a young woman, the kingdom would repair itself and I would die to fulfill the prophecy.


A knock came from the closed door. Somehow I knew it was Ciel, my sister would not have known I had began to cry-my mother's half of the castle had been closed to her, lest Anya figured out that our mother was much darker than she let on for Anya to know.  I whispered just loud enough for whomever was behind the door.


"Who is it?"




"Nikolai? What are you doing here?"


"Your father sent a messenger to retrieve me. Something about you not adjusting well."


"Thank you; Nikolai, can you cover my mother's portrait back up?"


"Of course."



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