One Kingdom

Two Princesses

A kingdom is split in two, separated by two sisters one good and one evil.
Can a child born of both good and evil bring together the Divided Kingdom, once known as Gespara: Kingdom of Salvation?


2. Anita

      I lived in a palace made from the blood and fears of my citizens. I content to rule over my small portion of what once was Gespara: Kingdom of Salvation.Now Gespara had a lovely jagged trench running down the very belly of the Land of Salvation. A constant reminder who was the most powerful. Now though like all who are addicted to the drug called power I wanted more. My sister, my twin, my Anya ruled with the fist of a butterfly. Letting her people decide what was best for Old Gespara, home of the weak. Whilst I,I ruled New Gespara with an iron fist. My name is Anita. Princess, pssh I'm the Queen. I killed my mother years ago. The people don't know that though. Neither does my sweet sister Anya. I growled just thinking about her disgustingly sweet personality, I changed into what my people believed their Queen wore and glamoured myself to look like my late mother. I stepped onto the balcony and looked down at the growing mob below me. In the center enclosed with glowing orange chains was my sister's best friend, Nadia. Nadia whipped up her head as if she could sense me and called out,


"Anita!" she cried out my name, and I smiled she could see through my glamour. Hello dear Nadia. I thought playfully. We're going to have so much fun.


"Nadia its been ages! How is Old Gespara?" Nadia glared up towards me,

"Wonderfully witch free!" She yelled. A smile spread a crossed her face.

"It seems that my guards have been too nice to you." I flicked my wrist and the glowing chains coiled around her petite body like a million snakes. Wrapping themselves tighter with each rotation. I waited until her eyes bugged out of her face, then I relaxed my wrist.

"There are secrets surrounding Anya that you do not know." I hissed.

"She tells me everything!" stupid mortals believing everything a witch, good or evil tells them. I smiled, I was going to have fun with this one. Someone so close to my sister, for her best friend to turn on her would be her undoing.


"Did she tell you she's a witch? Or does she not know? Shall I tell her she could've won if she knew as I kill her?"

"Don't you harm her!" A mortal defending a witch, how moving. I threw back my head and let out a loud cackle of a laugh.

"Why ever not?" I sneered. "Why not harm her perfect little head, skin her alive so I can see what is it that makes so evers special?"

"The prophecy." Nadia screamed even though she could not breathe. I was choking on my own despair when I asked,


"What prophecy?"

"There will come a time, when good and evil will be joined in matrimony and produce a heir to the throne of both good and evil. This child will reunite the Divided Kingdom to what it once was. The child will end the Reign of Terror caused by the Evil Twin. For this is the prophecy as its been told for centuries."

Nadia closed her eyes. "That is the prophecy Anita, you're going to die."


"Take her away!" My people looked up at me and cried. They knew the truth. Their Queen was dead. I killed her and was taking her place. I was the Evil Twin. I was going to die. I saw a man dressed in Old Gespara garments. A messenger.


"Princess Anita. A word from Old. Your father is dying."


"He doesn't have much longer. He requested your presence."

"Did he now?" I said sarcastically. I could kill this messenger as easily as breathing.

"But he also requested you be temporarily stripped of your powers."

"That can be arranged." The messenger produced a crystal ball. All I had to do was touch it. The messenger climbed the staircase and held out the ball. I held out my bare hand and laid it over the ball so that the ball was no longer visible. A green flash encompassed me, the ball, and the messenger. My powers were being drained from my body, it felt like a vacuum and my magic was the dust bunnies. I felt my glamour slipping and my magic being absorbed by the ball. The green light receded until it too was trapped within the crystal ball.

"Thank-you Princess Anita."

"Anything for Papa." I slipped into a darkness mortals new as sleep. I felt the arms of the messenger pick me up, and I was being carried away. I woke up in the back of a steel carriage, the messenger no where in sight and the crystal ball caged in a electrified holding cell. I saw the trench, the bridge and the sign, 'Welcome to Old Gespara. Home of the Brave, The Free, and the Good.' No. I was actually being brought into Old Gespara.... As a mortal.

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