Ava Reynolds has a secret admirer, but she doesn't want to believe he actually likes her because of her past with guys. She will give him a chance but not before giving him a run for his money. There are ups and downs but things happen how they do in the end. But it may or may not be the way either of them expected it.

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6. The Corner

I woke up early to look decent for Niall when he comes over to talk about me leaving for New York. I honestly don't even know how to tell him. I feel so bad that I am sorta giving him another chance but then I am leaving. I will just mention it to him and see what he says. 
I have just gotten dressed when I hear the knock on the door. I smile a little and go to answer the door. 
"Hey babe." He says and kisses my cheek and walks in as I close the door. 
"I'm almost done getting ready if you want to sit in my room with me." I don't want to tell him. But I need too. Ugh. Why does this have to be so difficult? Why did I have to meet him? 
"Hey, you okay?" I think he senses my anxiety because I am not okay. 
"Yeah.. I'm fine." I lightly smile. He smiles back. Big. Oh that smile of his. I can't do this. I just have to tell him. 
"Niall..." I start, "I am going to New York." There. I said it. I got it out. 
"Oh that sounds fun. For how long?" His look is unreadable. "I have no idea, Jason is there right now and he said I can either stay here or.." Crap.. I just told him I had an option. "Go with him.." Niall looks heartbroken. 
"And you chose to go with him?" He looks so torn. "Well, I did. But I think I want to stay. And try with us." By now I have walked over to him and grabbed his hands but he snaked them around my waist and pulled me close to him. I know he was upset because he just hugs my middle. I just hold his head gently and run my fingers in his hair. And I know I want to stay when he looks up to me with his bold blue eyes and smiles. 
"You're really gonna give me another chance?" He looks hopeful. I nod. I don't want to say anything. 
"Wanna go see a movie?" He asks letting go of me so I can finish getting ready. "Sure. Pick out a movie. Oh and Niall?" "Yeah babe," "Don't make me regret not going to New York.." I say not even looking at him but I can feel his eyes on me. I slowly turn and I was exactly right. He is staring directly into my soul. "I've let you go once. And I regret it to this day. Baby you aren't going anywhere without me." He smirks and it is just so damn sexy. I can't help but smile. 
"Niall I am almost ready? Have you picked a movie yet?" I ask grabbing the rest of my things to put into my purse. 
"Yeah, but I'm not telling you." I laugh at his silly self. He grabs his jacket from the bed and kisses my temple before grabbing his keys and walks out the door to the car. I lock up and follow him to the car. 
"Niall I am not watching a kid movie!" I complained as he bought the tickets for Monster's University. "Awe come on babe, it's a good movie!" He laughs and puts his arm on my back and opens the door for me. 
"Do you want popcorn?" He asks and I nod. He leaves to go get the popcorn and drinks and I just wait for him by the doors of the theater. 
"Hey slut. The corner is that way." Some tall lanky boy yells at me while walking into the theater across from where I was standing. Tears start to fill my eyes but I see Niall walking towards me so I compose myself quickly. 
"Ava, you okay?" He looks genuinely sweet. I don't want to lie to him. "No. But let's just go watch the movie. We can talk about it later." He nods and kisses my forehead and we walk into the theater. 
We cuddle up in the theater and he holds my hand. It's perfect. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night. Aside from that guys comment earlier, this night has just been great. I can't leave him now. I don't want to leave this. 
"See, you laughed the whole time! I told you, you'd like it!" Niall says wrapping his arm around my waist. I just giggle. "Want a piggy back ride?" He says smiling. "Heck yeah!" And I jump on his back and he wraps his arms under my legs to keep me from falling. Once we reach the car, Niall is practically panting. Great. I'm too heavy for him but he is too much of a sweetheart to admit it. "Babe. It was a long walk.. Not you. You're perfect." He must have read my mind. I just smiled. We got in the car and before he started it he looks at me and grabs my hand. "Ava, I want you to be completely honest with me. What was wrong in the theater. Tell me everything." He looks deep into my eyes. I sigh. "I was standing and waiting for you when this guy just walks over and calls me a slut. I don't even know him. He said, hey slut the corner is that way. Like I was some prostitute." I am now bawling my eyes out in front of Niall. He reach over and wipes away the tears pouring from my now red and puffy eyes. He then grabs me and pulls me to him and just hugs me. He doesn't say anything just hugs me. We just stay like that until I calm down enough and pull away. He looks at me and wipes away I assume smeared makeup from my cheek. He kisses my forehead and starts the car. "You are not a slut. You are a beautiful human being." I don't say anything back. I just smile. Niall really cares about me. He makes me feel like a person. He makes me feel wanted. 
We get back to my house and I really don't want him to leave. "Don't leave me." I sound so desperate right now but I just want to be with him. He laughs and pulls me into his chest and rubs my back with his large hand. "Please stay with me." I whisper and I don't think he heard me but I am gladly mistaken when he picks me up bridal style and walks toward my front door. I fish out my keys and open the door. He sets me down and kisses my temple. "I would more than love to stay with you Ava but I can't. I don't want to move this fast. I want to make sure everything is perfect. I don't want to step over any boundaries." He lifts my chin so I am looking at him. "I will be over first thing in the morning if you'd like?" I nod and he pulls me in for another hug. I love his hugs. They are genuine and warm. 
"Goodnight Niall. I'll see you in the morning." I half smile. "Goodnight beautiful. Until then." I laugh because that is from some cheesy romantic movie. The last thing I remember that night was falling onto my bed into a deep deep sleep. I probably dreamt of Niall. 

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