Ava Reynolds has a secret admirer, but she doesn't want to believe he actually likes her because of her past with guys. She will give him a chance but not before giving him a run for his money. There are ups and downs but things happen how they do in the end. But it may or may not be the way either of them expected it.

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5. New York

I pick up my phone and it's Jason thank goodness. 
"Ava, how are you? I figured you'd be at work but I thought I'd call anyway." Jason says. He sounds worried but he always worries about me. 
"I'm fine Jace. The Bradly's are out of town so we are closed. I pretty much have my own mini vacation going on here at the house." I laugh and so does Jason. 
"I miss you already baby sis. I didn't want to tell you this in the note but I will be away for longer than I thought. But, I will give you two choices. You can either stay there by yourself until I get back or you can move up here with me." He explains and my mind just goes blank. I have no idea what I want to do. I think I'm okay by myself but what if I'm not. What if...what if Niall decides to stay after me. Maybe going to New York would be better for me. 
"I want to come up there with you." I say rushed. 
"Okay well you will have to stay down there for a little while until I get a place to live. It shouldn't be long. Maybe a month? Think you can handle the house for that long? Don't worry the time will fly in no time at all...." He continues talking but I quit listening. I get so excited I'll be away from Niall. I really hate that it comes down to this. He is going to be crushed... Wait, since when do I care? He left me without warning. So why would it matter if I left him. Besides we aren't even together. I just need to avoid him for the next month. Gosh. That's going to be super hard. 

It's been a week already and Niall has tried countless times to take me to dinner and take me anywhere he can. And of course I deny. Dinner is how we started. And ended. Ha. I am back working and saving up all of my money to by new close before I go to New York. I want to start over. I want to try and be hipster. Lol. 
I just get off work and decide to head to Newk's to grab a sub. 
Oh how coincidental. I roll my eyes. Niall's car is parked in the parking lot. I just keep walking. As I walk in the door I am immediately pushed right back out. 
"Niall I don't have time for this. Leave me alone." 
"You haven't replied to any of my calls or texts. I'm trying to make up to you but you won't even give me the time of day!" He shouts. And I'm appalled. I can't believe he would raise his voice at me like that. 
"Look, I don't want to go to dinner. That was what our first date was and that obviously ended on a bad note." 
"It didn't end on a bad note. I thought it was a great date and I honestly don't have an excuse for not replying to your messages. I just felt like you didn't actually want to be with me I guess. And I know that's a sorry excuse and I'm sorry Ava. I can't take you ignoring me. The way you look at me kills me because I know that I'm the cause of that frown. When I could be the cause of your beautiful smile. Just please give me another chance. Please.." He is now on his knees in the middle of the parking lot. Begging. Niall is begging me to forgive him. But I am just not ready yet. I'm sure every girl knows how it feels to be played with. It's not fun. 
I began to feel embarrassed by his actions I quickly jerk him up by the collar. 
"NIALL. STOP. JUST STOP OKAY?" I scream but I'm not done yet although I do lower my voice, "I can't forgive you just yet. How do I even know you won't do this again? You swept me off my feet the first night and then bam! No more Niall for Ava. YOU CAN'T EXPECT ME TO JUST TRUST YOU AFTER THAT?" I am breathing heavy and tears are streaming from my face. 
Niall make a bold move and grasps my face between his two hands and wipes the tears away with his thumbs. 
"You stupid girl. I'm trying so hard and making a fool of myself because I want to be with you. I'm trying to fix everything I messed up. I can't take it to see you cry anymore. I know I've cause more tears than just these. And baby I am so sorry I have caused you any heartache. You don't deserve that. All I am asking is that you give me another chance to make things right. To make you smile again." He looks deep into my eyes and I feel like for a second he is going to kiss me but I know that wont happen because I won't let it happen. Although I imagine his lips are so soft.. Stop Ava. 
"Niall I just need time to think." I pull from his grip and start towards my car. 
"Can I call you? Please." He sounds so broken so hurt. "Yeah." I say with a soft smile and get into my car and drive home. Dammit, I never got my sandwich. Oh well. I'll just eat a hot pocket or something. 
When I get home I check my phone and I see I have a text from Jason saying something about he found a house and I can come up whenever I want to. Well there is something else I have to think about. If I forgive Niall, I can't just get up and leave. I guess I'll just sleep on it. But before I can even get into my pjs Niall is calling. 

"Goodbye babe." His Irish accent is thicker than I remember. "Goodbye Niall." I smile. We talked literally about nothing. He made me giggle and smile. A lot. I guess I could forgive him. But that still leave New York. I do want to go and start over. But what about what I have with Niall? I am so confused. I send Niall a text to see if he will come over tomorrow so we can talk. 

10:48 pm From: [Niall Horan]    
Of course babe. I'll be over around 10 am. Goodnight beautiful.

And with that I was asleep. 

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