Ava Reynolds has a secret admirer, but she doesn't want to believe he actually likes her because of her past with guys. She will give him a chance but not before giving him a run for his money. There are ups and downs but things happen how they do in the end. But it may or may not be the way either of them expected it.

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4. Just A Dream

I woke up cold. Ice cold. I turned over and saw nothing and smelled nothing. I thought to myself, Niall was never even here. I definitely just dreamed Niall coming back to me and we get back together. WHY. Why brain? Why would you do this to me?? 

I get up and decide to shower, but then I decided against it and just go for a jog instead. I put on my sports bra and tank top and then nike shorts and my shoes. I grab my headphones and I'm out the door.

I didn't realize I left my phone at home until I wanted to call Jason. Oh well. I'll call him later. 

My jog didn't last long because the mid-afternoon showers ruined it. When I got back home I jumped right into the shower. When I got out I picked up my phone to call Jason but I saw I had several new messages; two were from Jason, and the rest were from an unknown number. I immediately though it was Niall. I opened them and they said:

7:34 am From: [+1-234-567-7899]

Ava, Please call me. I saw you at the beach yesterday.. I really want to talk to you.

7:56 am From: [+1-234-567-7899]

Come on Ava, just give me another chance. You don't understand. Please..

7:59 am From: [+1-234-567-7899]

Ava....... PLEASE. Where are you?? I'm coming to see you. Are you home? I really need to talk to you.

8:03 am From: [+1-234-567-7899]

Just please call me when you can.. I'm worried about you. I miss you. Please.

I debate whether or not I should reply..... I do..

9: 37 am To: [+1-234-567-7899] 

I'm fine. Don't worry about me...

And I know I shouldn't have because not even 20 minutes later there is a knock at my door... Great my dream is now coming true.

When I open the door there are no words spoken Niall immediately pulls me into a tight hug and whispers something but I can't even make it out. We just stand there, him crushing every bone in my upper body with his strength. I finally trust my voice.

"Let go." I say a little more harshly than wanted.

He doesn't let go. I sigh and try to push myself away from him but I'm not strong enough. 

This is so awkward. Just standing in the doorway with Niall hugging me. I again try to pull away but it doesn't work. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and closes the front door. He then sets me down on the couch and finally speaks up.

"I'm sorry. So sorry. Sorry is an understatement." He begins but I'm not buying this load of shit.

"Niall listen, I'm not mad that you just completely quit talking to me. There are no excuses for it. I am over it. It's okay. You don't have to pretend to like me. You don't have to come up with a sappy apology because you think it will help. I am over it. It's not like I didn't see this coming. You can go. We don't have to talk about it anymore. We can just go about our lives like it never happened. I know that is what you really want." I explain and a big weight is lifted from my shoulders. Gosh, why was I so scared to say that. 

"I want to talk about it. I do like you." he begins, oh that's why... " why would you-- well I know why you would think I don't like you. but I promise one hundred percent that I want to try this again. I want to start fresh and start over. When I saw you at the beach yesterday. I noticed that you weren't wearing the necklace I gave you and I know that it took you thinking about me that much to take that off. And I am so sorry for hurting you. You say that you don't care, and that you aren't hurting but I know that cutting the strings with 'us' killed you inside. Please don't pretend it didn't. Seeing you hurt yesterday, killed me. And I want to make up for it." He finishes and I stand. He stands too with a smile on his face. 

I walk over to the door, without saying a word I open it. His smile falls hard and he walks out the door, but before I can close it. He kisses me on the cheeck and whispers close to my ear, 

"I won't quit trying until you give me another chance." and he turns and walks to his car. 

My cheecks are burning and tears fill my eyes but I compose myself. I walk you my bathroom and splash cold water on my face and I decide to spend the rest of the evening on tumblr.

And that is exactly what I do until my phone rings at 6:30 pm.



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