Ava Reynolds has a secret admirer, but she doesn't want to believe he actually likes her because of her past with guys. She will give him a chance but not before giving him a run for his money. There are ups and downs but things happen how they do in the end. But it may or may not be the way either of them expected it.

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3. Alone...Together

It's been three weeks and I haven't heard from or seen Niall. I knew it was too good to be true. I decided to delete his number and I took off the necklace. This was just my way of forgeting. I push everything that reminds me of a bad time out of my life so I can stay happy, well try to stay happy. 

I am off today so I decide to stay home in my PJs and chill out in my room. I rarely get an entire day off so when I do it is a great joy! I grab my computer, phone, and iPad and head to my bed. I decide to watch netflix and blog a little here and there. 

I am so into this show I don't even realize the time pass. I look at my phone and I have one missed call. Jace. I don't bother to call back, I just return to my show. I couldn't help but think about Niall. I just want to know why he was so sweet and acted like he was into me but hasn't returned any of my texts or calls. I shove the thoughts to the back of my mind and focus on the screen. 

When I wake up, my computer is neatly placed on my desk along with my iPad and I am covered with my comforter. Jace must have come in and done this. I really wish I saw him more often. I get up and make my way to my bathroom to freshen up. When I walk into the bathroom, there is a note on my mirror..

     Ava, I went to New York for the weekend with the boys, I left money on the counter for food and gas. I love you. If you need ANYTHING don't hesitate to call. I'll be home Monday.  I love you. -Jace

Okay... So now I'm alone. 

I call my boss to see if I need to come in today but she has informed me that they are on vacation so we will be closed for the weekend. 

"We will be back on Tuesday, Ava. Enjoy your five days off. See you soon." "Thank you Mrs. Bradly, enjoy your vacaction."

When we hang up I couldn't help but smile. I have a whole weekend to myself and I can finally go to the beach to relax!


I take a quick shower, and put on my bathing suit. I mumble to myself here and there to make sure I have everything I need for the beach. I put on some shorts and a tank top. I head out the door.


The minute I park and get out of the car my eyes lock with those I haven't seen since I was at the Crabhouse. Niall. We stare at each other for quite some time but I remember that he completely blew me off so I look away and get back into my car and leave. I start to tear up but I quickly get a hold on myself and straighten up. I drive  straight back to my house not even looking back. 

I throw my bag onto the floor and I just sit on my bed and cry. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I couldn't believe that I thought he liked me. I couldn't believe that I would even have a chance with him. I mean, he looked so hot today. No shirt. Board shorts. Baby blue eyes. He looks like someone from a Giorgio Armani magazine. Stop Ava. Stop thinking about him. 

I lay on my bed for what feels like hours. I hear knocking coming from the front door. I push myself off the bed and make my way to the front. 

When I open the door I realize I shouldn't have. It was Niall. 

"What are you--" I start but im cut off. "Why did you leave?" He asks looking hurt. Oh please...

"Goodbye Niall." I say as I am closing the door but of course he manages to manuver into the house. 

"Ava I need to talk to you." He practically begs. But I am not giving into him, he has had plenty of time to talk to me. He didn't seem busy at the beach.

"Please." He grabs my hand but I quickly pull it away. I just glare at him and say nothing. 

"Say something please." "I have nothing to say to you Niall." I spit. 

"Why are you being so cold...?" he asks calmly. I think I'm going to lose it. Cold? Me? I can't hold in my giggle. "What's so funny?" he asks angerly "I can't believe you think everything is okay. Ha! You haven't responded to any of my texts, you haven't called me back, or anything. Forgive me for thinking you were into me. And forgive me for thinking that whatever we are, or were is no longer. Goodbye Niall. Please leave." I can see the hurt on his face, but he didn't have to go feeling rejected.

"Ava, you never let me explain. Please let me explain..." He says and waits for my answer. I don't say anything but I close the front door and walk to my room, as he follows.

"You have 5 minutes..." I state harshly.

He just stares at me before he begins. 

"Okay... after our date, my mom called and said my grandma had been hospitalized, so I got a flight out that night, I was so upset that I didn't even think to let you know. I am so sorry for that. And I know that I should have called you when I got back but I thought you would think I was lying and so I just let it go and moved on but when I saw you today at the beach I knew that I hadn't moved on. I still really like you a lot and I when you left the beach like you did, you confirmed my fear of you not wanting me anymore. I am so sorry Ava. I have never met anyone so real like you. You aren't afraid to be yourself and you don't need anyone to lean on because you are so strong and I just want to be with you, I came here in hopes that you would give me another chance and I wont let you down." he takes a long breath and looks into my eyes.

He stands and makes his way over to me and takes my hand. "please." and his forehead touches mine. My breath hitches. I can't look at him any longer. I move away. 

I feel a hand on my waist and Niall has pulled me back to him and his free hand moves to my face and pulls my face to his and crashes his lips to mine. I realize right then how sorry he is and how I am sooo not over him. I kiss back and this is the first time anyone has kissed me like this. It is soft and sweet. He pulls away, puts his forehead on mine again and whispers, "Please ava, please. I need you to give me another--" I silence him by crashing our lips together again and now both of his hands are on my face and my hands are hooked around his neck. I pull away and he just stares at me. "What?" I ask. "Nothing, I just can't believe that, that just happened. I'm glad you're giving me another chance." I smile. "Please don't let me down." I plead and he rushes over to me and hugs me so tight, and says, "I promise baby, I won't." When he called me baby, my heart flutted. 

"Do you want to stay and watch a movie?" I ask him sitting on my bed. He nods and joins me on the bed. "What do you want to watch?" "Let's watch a scary movie!" He says a little too excitedly

"haha okay!" we start to watch a new scary movie called Jennifer's Room. I cuddle up to him and he wraps his arms around me and we fall asleep just like that. Me in his arms. 



I am so sorry that is has taken me like a month just to do this chapter. I just couldn't find the time to write! I am not promising a chapter tomorrow but I think I have a few hours to spare tomorrow! Thanks to those who are reading! Yall rock!!!

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