The Airport

Saffron was a massive fan of One Direction. She loved them. But unfortunately, she had to miss their concert in Birmingham because of a family holiday she had to go on. What happens two weeks later when she is back at the airport and she meets five very special boys running away from thousands of people? And what do they get up to when they get to know each other more?

This movella is action-packed and full of fun. Bearing in mind that this is the first movella I have written before. I would love some feedback, but please, don't be too harsh. Remember I am new to this.


1. Upset

Saffron's P. O.V

Sighing.  It's a habit I've always had since I was little. I only sigh when I'm sad. Really, I should be delighted;  I'm going on holiday for free.  But right now,  I'm crying inside. I am a massive fan of One Direction and I was supposed to be seeing them at a Birmingham concert this week Friday. I had planned this concert for weeks on end. Now I can't even see them! Why couldn't we go on holiday next week. Sigh. Oh well, I guess I will just have to see the best boy band in the world when I come back in two weeks.


Anyway, I still have to go and pack. But what should I take? Or should I just go shopping and buy my outfits there? Well, I should probably do both because I don't exactly have the right sort of outfits in my wardrobe for where I'm going. Oh wait... didn't I mention where I was going? Well I'll tell you now. I am going to... Australia! Yes my mood might have lightened up a bit now, but I am still upset about missing out on my chance to see One Direction perform live. Sigh. Here we go again, the negative thoughts. I must stop thinking like this because it only causes me to feel down. Back to packing my suitcase. I wasn't entirely sure about what to pack, so I grabbed my phone off the charger and texted my friend Aliyah. This is what I said:


Hi Liy, how r u? U know about my holiday to Australia, well I don't know exactly what to pack. Could u plz help me out?

From ur BFF, Saff

Minutes later she replied back: Hi Saff, I'm fine. Sure I'll help u. Anything for a friend. So have u packed ur sun-cream, ur swimming cozzie, ur sunglasses, ur errrm ... what else do u need. Wait stupid of me to forget, u need ur outfits. Do u need me to come over and help u decide what to pack?

I told her she could come round to my house. Luckily, we only lived like five minutes apart. But she took quite a while longer than five minutes. What seemed like forever, the door finally knocked. I ran to the door shouting: "Coming!" I opened the door and in front of me stood Aliyah with two big bags of shopping. I asked what she bought as she had 'H&M' and 'Selfridges' bags. "You'll see," she smiled a big grin. She asked me if we could go up to my room but before I answered, she shot straight past me and up the stairs. I slowly paced myself while walking upstairs to my room. I found Aliyah sitting on my bed. "You took your time didn't you!" I rolled my eyes and sat down next to her.


"So will you show me what you bought now?" I pleaded.

"Look yourself. It's not even for me anyway. It's for you. So go on, open up the bags!" I was excited, but why would Aliyah want to buy me something? Maybe it was for the holiday which we had to leave for in 17 hours. I opened the bags and saw about three different outfits in each bag. "Liy! You're the best! You know you didn't have to do this for me," I exclaimed.

"I know", she replied, "But I wanted to. I guessed that you probably needed some other clothes before you went on holiday, so I bought them for you. I hope you like everything." We gave each other giant hugs then we pulled apart. "Could you do me one more favour please Liy?" I asked.

"Sure. What is it?"

"Could you help me pack everything in my suitcase?"


"Thanks Liy! Your the best." We chatted while packing my very large  1D-related suitcase. It was 16:30 once we finished packing; that was an hour of our time we used just packing a bag. We chatted some more and then Aliyah got a ping. She read it and said she had to leave because her mom needed her to run some errands. We said goodbye to each other and we had another big hug because this was the last time I was going to see her before I caught my flight. One last goodbye escaped both of our mouths before she opened the front door and closed it behind her.

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