The Airport

Saffron was a massive fan of One Direction. She loved them. But unfortunately, she had to miss their concert in Birmingham because of a family holiday she had to go on. What happens two weeks later when she is back at the airport and she meets five very special boys running away from thousands of people? And what do they get up to when they get to know each other more?

This movella is action-packed and full of fun. Bearing in mind that this is the first movella I have written before. I would love some feedback, but please, don't be too harsh. Remember I am new to this.


3. The Flight

I knew the flight was going to be a long one as soon as I found out that I was going to be sitting in the same place for 22 hours. Checking out the flight facts before we actually set out to the airport was a brilliant idea. I had everything that I needed in my handbag. I remembered chewing gum because of the air pressure when going up in the plane. My big sister told me about her ears popping when she was on a plane and I didn't want that to happen to me. So I started chewing my chewing gum.


POP! "Ouch! It hurts man!" I whisper-yelled. The stupid gum didn't even work. My mom was kinda used to it as she had been on a plane like nine times. My mom started hugging me and before I knew it, the pain was gone. I sighed, but in relief not sadness. I grabbed my bag from the over head compartments and took out my phone. I put my headphones in and started listening to music. As I relaxed, I thought I might go on twitter and make everybody jealous of where I was heading.


@Saffy_McIntosh: Yo peeps! Guess where I'm headin'! Australia that's where! On the plane now woohoo :)


I decided to scroll through the top trends at the moment and the top one was: #Isaw1DatBirminghamAirport . "What?!" I thought. I clicked on the trend and I was brought to a page with heaps of photos of One Direction giving autographs and loads of screaming girls around them. When I looked out of the corner of my eye, guess who I saw. It was me! I was caught in all of the pictures holding my 1D case and putting it on the bag thing conveyor belt in the airport. I was not pleased at all. Not about the fact that I was in the photos, but the fact that I missed out on seeing One Direction again. I sighed and exited twitter. I thought I should relax so that's what I did. The next thing I knew was that I had fallen fast asleep.


A/N: Sorry this is so short! This is just a filler and I had a bit of writer's block. Also, how do you like the story so far? I'm thinking of holding a competition for a couple of new characters as because you guys are reading this, I want your opinions. The details are in the next chapter. And if you want to tweet me, my twitter name is : @Saffy_McIntosh


Love Saffron  x :)

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