The Airport

Saffron was a massive fan of One Direction. She loved them. But unfortunately, she had to miss their concert in Birmingham because of a family holiday she had to go on. What happens two weeks later when she is back at the airport and she meets five very special boys running away from thousands of people? And what do they get up to when they get to know each other more?

This movella is action-packed and full of fun. Bearing in mind that this is the first movella I have written before. I would love some feedback, but please, don't be too harsh. Remember I am new to this.


4. Competition (not a chapter sorry!)

Hi guys! Like I said before, I am going to hold a competition for some new characters that I will introduce later on in the story. You need to tell me these things in the comments:


Hair colour:

Eye colour:

Love interest (which boy you like):

Relationship status (do you want to be in a relationship with the boy you like):

How you met (answer if you are in a relationship only):


P.S.  Even though I like Liam the best in reality, in this story I like Harry the best so you can't have him because he is mine! Lol!

Closing date for the competition is August 14th


Good Luck!

Love Saffron x :)

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