The Airport

Saffron was a massive fan of One Direction. She loved them. But unfortunately, she had to miss their concert in Birmingham because of a family holiday she had to go on. What happens two weeks later when she is back at the airport and she meets five very special boys running away from thousands of people? And what do they get up to when they get to know each other more?

This movella is action-packed and full of fun. Bearing in mind that this is the first movella I have written before. I would love some feedback, but please, don't be too harsh. Remember I am new to this.


2. Before the Flight

Saffron's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing frantically. I groaned turning to my bed-side table trying to turn the annoying noise off. My eyes caught onto the time on my phone screen in big, bold white numbers. "WHAT THE HELL!!!" I screamed. It was 6:35am and I was supposed to be awake by 4:00. Check in at the airport would take at least an hour and getting dressed about half an hour. By my calculations, I would've missed my flight by then. so as fast as I could, I jumped in the shower and had a quick scrub. I washed my hair too but that didn't take long. I hopped back out the shower and dried my self drier than the Sahara Desert.


(Skip to the airport because I'm too lazy Lol)


My mom and I pulled up to the airport in my mom's brand spanking new BMW Z4 GT3. We hopped out the sleek car and grabbed our cases from the boot.  My mom locked up the car and we ran to the airport doors. I checked the time once again; 7:28am. That meant we had 1 hour and 2 minutes before we caught out flight. But technically, we actually only had 2 minutes because of the stupid check in. My thoughts led me astray as we were in the line queuing up for 'the stupid check in' by the time I was out of la la land.


I was right; check in did take an hour. We only had to minutes to get to the gates before our flight took off without us. The problem was that there was a huge huddle of girls in front of the gate. My mom grabbed my hand and we ran through the huddle as fast as possible to get to the gate. Just then, a lady at the desk announced that the plane would be taking off right then. Luckily though, me and my mom had boarded the plane just as she announced it. We both strapped ourselves in and made ourselves comfortable for the long journey ahead. Australia, here we come!

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