Imagines One Direction<3

It's a imagine!
Hope you enjoy and I hope you give me ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Lauren+Harry

Harry P.O.V:

"Are you ready?"I asked as Lauren was in the bathroom.

"Yes,I am coming out know!"

She walked out.She looked so beautiful.The blond hair in a bun and the pretty blue eyes that sparkled from the window.She looked so pretty.

"You look nice,let's go!"I yelled

We were going to the beach!I love the beach!!!

I hopped in the car and we drove to are favorite beach.

We laid down the towel and the unbrella. I laid nest to Lauren as she read a book about a rabbit or something.I got bored.

"I feel dirty,"I said.

She stared at me and smiled.She slammed her book shut and we gathered are things and went back to the house.I threw everything on the couch and grabbed Lauren bridel style and lied her on the bed.I took my swim shorts off revealing my p****.

Her mouth was formed in a 0 shape.I walked up to her and took her bathing suit off.First her top than her bottems. She smiled revealing her teeth.I kissed her neck.She moaned and mumbled "Harry."

"Yell my name"


I smiled.I loved it when she was loud.I kissed her stomach and back up to her neck.I sucked her neck and gave her two hickies.

I kissed her lips and stuck my tongue in her mouth.She smiled.I almost put two fingers in her until she said"No Harry,I want YOU inside me."

I chuckled and got positioned.I stuck my p**** in her and she bit her bottom lip as I went slow.That was my turn on,lip biting and giggling.

Her blond hair landed on the pillow and she started to moan.


I smiled and went faster.

"Faster and harder"She said.

I did what she wanted and went a lot faster.She started to vibrate.Than I layed on the pillow next to her.6:00 PM!

I got dressed as she did the same and snuggled in the bed with her.

"Hey Harry,"Lauren said.


"Did you put a condom on?"

My eyes grew big.I forgot!"No.But who cares,I want a baby named Darcy anyways"

She smiled and went to sleep as I did the same.

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