Imagines One Direction<3

It's a imagine!
Hope you enjoy and I hope you give me ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. Karlea+Liam

Karlea P.O.V:

I was sitting on the couch with my phone on Tumblr. I saw a lot of pictures of Liam.I started to cry.I missed Liam so much.He's been gone for a couple weeks on tour.But he is coming back tonight.Iv'e been waiting so long!I called Liam.

"Hey Love."Yes,he answered!!!!

"Hey,just wanted to see what you'r doing."It was a moment of silence for about 2 minutes.

"Oh well I am playing Jenga with Harry and the others!"

I smiled and heard Louis in the backround" Ahhhhhhhh!!!"

Ha,he is so funny sometimes.

"Louis,quiet I am trying to talk to my girlfriend!"

"Well I have to go,see you later."I said.

"See you."

He hung up.I got up to check that it was 6:03.I got dressed in my shorts and a long shirt that Liam always wears that went to my knees and made a sandwich.I sat on the couch and heard the bell ring!I through my sandwich in the garbage and opened the door.

"HEY!!!"He yelled.

"Hey,"I said and hugged him.

I let him in and we went in the room.He put no shirt on,just underwear.I was confused.

He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the wall.I stared in his eyes and grinned.He kissed me and I backed away and kissed his neck.He started to groan and moan.I stopped and grinned and looked in his beautiful brown eyes.I pushed him on the bed and I took off my shirt.Why was I on top?Oh well,at least he enjoys it and I am too.He smiled as I took off his boxers.I took my shorts off and all I had on was panties and my bra.He was fully naked.

I kissed his abs and started to give him a hickie on his neck.He smiled and bit is bottem lip.I took off my panties and my bra.I shoved his P**** in my downside area and I went slow.Than I started to go faster and faster.He squished the sheets in his hands and started too rub my bum.I smiled with pleasure.He flipped me around.

"Now my turn,"He said and entered me.My red hair was still in a bun until he took it out.He loved it when my hair was down.He went fast and I started to mumble "Liam".

He stopped and layed on the other side of me.It was 7:30.

"Want to go to Harry and Louis's house?"He asked.


We got dressed and left but the problem was that my bottem area hert like crap!

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