Resident Evil: Sacrifices and Decisions

Back then a virus broke out in Raccoon City, it was called the T-virus (short for Tyrant virus). Mutated zombies populated the area but was soon demolished and few survivors, including Sherry Birkins and Claire Redfield. After another breakout of the T-Virus and the newly developed G-virus and C-virus in Tall Oaks and Lanshiang HongKong, I became a BOW (Bio-Organic Weapons) fighter for Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA).


3. You can't trust her......

"Why are you here?" I asked cautiously lowering my weapon. "Who sent you?"

"Leon?" The fit woman came closer to me. "Why are you shouting at me?"

"Ada, are you part of this organization?" Helena asked. Ada shrugged her shoulders and beckoned us to follow her. We ended up in a large room full of boxes, I came up to one of the open packages and wasn't surprise to see what was inside. These were all the syringes that were sent across the ocean. I stared at Ada, how did she know?

"How'd you know-" My line was cut off by a loud moan in the hallway. As second nature all three of us hid behind the piles of boxes all over the place. A rotting heap began to walk past me, it smelled so bad I almost hurled out my lunch. There was a small noise near where Ada was hiding, instinctively I loaded my weapon and aimed for the zombies wounded head. Ada moved to the side and I fired at the walking dead. "I just hate B.O.W.s." 

Suddenly an army of J'avos (Intelligent Zombies who are known to use weapons) came from the same hallway that rotting heap came from. We fought through the group and slumped against the wall. "Hey, where's that violent partner of yours?" Ada thought out loud. I turned my head this way and that. Where is she? Standing up, I made my way through the fallen syringes, careful not to step on any liquids of any sort. 



When the J'avos entered the room I was separated from Leon and Ada. Soon I fought through most of them and reached mid way the hallway. There was a closed room at the end, curiosity came over me and so I reached for the handle. Once I got inside, the door mysteriously closed and slammed shut. Panicked, I desperately banged on the door hoping it would open anytime soon. 

"HEEEELLPP- gggraaaaah!" I turned my head. My heart began to race, what was that? Breaths shorter I found myself trapped in a room with teenagers and older people strapped to a hospital bed. Spotting empty syringes on the floor, I can safely guess these people are being tested on T-viruses. Though, instead of having the normal problem of turning into a zombie they looked like they were being turned to animals. One even started to form scales and another had a tail. 

"What's going on?"

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