Resident Evil: Sacrifices and Decisions

Back then a virus broke out in Raccoon City, it was called the T-virus (short for Tyrant virus). Mutated zombies populated the area but was soon demolished and few survivors, including Sherry Birkins and Claire Redfield. After another breakout of the T-Virus and the newly developed G-virus and C-virus in Tall Oaks and Lanshiang HongKong, I became a BOW (Bio-Organic Weapons) fighter for Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA).


2. We meet again....

Opening the doors, the sun shone in my eyes. The first thing I saw was, a long desk, behind it was a silhouette of a man and beside him was a female figure. The large doors closed and to my surprise the lady was actually a person I've meet before. Helena Harper, though she did almost got arrested and imprisoned, Helena is a good person. A little violent and over-emotional at times, but she's a good person. "Nice to see you Leon, It's been a while." She smiled and shook my hand.

"It has been some time," The both of us sat on the seats in front of the desk. "I'm sure you're not just here for a visit, and I wasn't called down here to be the welcoming committee" I stared at the old man in front of me. "What’s the real reason you called Helena and me here?"

"Leon, Leon, Leon" He stood up and walked to the balcony. "How come you’re such in a rush? You know, I was getting to that." In a calm yet frightening serious tone he explained to Helena and me what the situation was. Apparently The Umbrella Cooperation has been in weird business lately. They have shipped 10 000 syringes full of T-virus across the sea to Africa. Why take the risk of getting caught again? Well, that's our job to find out.

The next thing I knew Helena and I boarded a plane to Cape Town, South Africa. The heat blasted down as we exited the building. Noises of Cars and Arriving and Departing planes filled the air. A friendly old man held up a small sign, 'Welcome, Leon and Helena'. Helena warmly smiled to the geezer as he showed us to the Toyota vehicle parked outside. 

Passing through other cars, I got to see the vast dessert like landscape. The temperature was well above 20 degrees, sweat trickled down my brow and I swiftly swiped it with the back of my hand. It was already after noon but the sun was still high and the heat as well.


Later that night in the Hotel room, I sneaked a look out the window. The crescent moon hung in the sky wrapped in with the starry blanket of the night.  "Oh I forgot, I must have slept in” I mumbled. Creeping out of the hotel, Helena stood waiting behind the wheel of the car. "Wait, I thought I was driving?!"  She hushed me and pointed at the passenger seat. 

"You took too long, I changed my mind!" Helena told me to sit and I did. Still upset about not getting to drive, we drove on the highway and headed to our designated place. The cover of night was in our advantage; quickly we parked the car away from the warehouse and took out the weapons in the trunk. 

Slowly, we walked and sneaked around so the few guard outside wouldn't see us. Climbing up a fire escape leading to the roof, we entered a skylight. The hall was dark, no light and certainly no guards at the moment. The rope fell down and Helena and I descended. Suddenly, the lights flickered on; I equipped my fire arm and pointed it at the door. Helena gasped and I nearly dropped the gun. 

"Long time no see," She said in a flirty voice. "Leon....." 


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