Resident Evil: Sacrifices and Decisions

Back then a virus broke out in Raccoon City, it was called the T-virus (short for Tyrant virus). Mutated zombies populated the area but was soon demolished and few survivors, including Sherry Birkins and Claire Redfield. After another breakout of the T-Virus and the newly developed G-virus and C-virus in Tall Oaks and Lanshiang HongKong, I became a BOW (Bio-Organic Weapons) fighter for Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA).


1. This is who I am.....

My lungs gasping for air and my nose in a flare, my aching feet ran to the nearest alley. Ears perked up and the sound of pounding feet was heard around the corner. Heart racing, I became concerned my pursuer will hear the loud thumps. Shadows of men passed the narrow passage and I slumped against the wall, revealed that I got away. I took out my phone, the light shining on my eyes. "I wish I was at home right now." I muttered to myself, feeling the call button, a lady spoke through. 

"Leon? Did you get the syringe? Are you okay?"  Was the first thing that shouted in my ears.

"Shush, yes I did. I think they're still after me. Send a helicopter to pick me up; I may need to stay in for a night to avoid attention." I murmured in the small phone.

The phone went dead and I stood up, hanging on the wall for support. Just then a pain shot up my leg, groaning I collapsed on the floor. Feeling over my pants, I discovered blood staining my leg. I decided that I shouldn't go to the hospital, probably because the people after me will look there first. Head hanging on my neck, my eyes slowly dropped as the sun peeked in the horizon. 

Click, Clack, Click Clack, Boots heavily clacked on the wooden floor. The light stung my opening eyes, once I got used to the light a blonde girl sat at the end of my hospital cot. "Thank goodness! Leon your okay!" Sherry Embraced me.  Sherry and I met in the Raccoon city incident back at 2006. "I found you in that alley, I thought you were dead!" 

I gave out a loud chuckle as she let go. "No way am I going to die this young" I sat upright. Chris Redfield, a captain of a combat team grinned at me. 

"Nice job getting the C-virus Leon. I knew you'd do it" He slapped my back, nearly making me lunge forward. My life is dangerous; my choice of work is too. I do it for my country, for the innocent who gets used as guinea pigs for bio-organic test. Umbrella Corporation (the ones who made the Bio organic terrorism weapons) is down and under surveillance but in the black market terrorists still trade for dangerous viruses. Easily my life could be taken away once I make a mistake, but what I do is Part of me. Since that faithful first day being a cop, I chose my path. Working for the BSAA (Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance), my job is to combat, prevent, and exterminate Bio-terrorism.

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