Resident Evil: Sacrifices and Decisions

Back then a virus broke out in Raccoon City, it was called the T-virus (short for Tyrant virus). Mutated zombies populated the area but was soon demolished and few survivors, including Sherry Birkins and Claire Redfield. After another breakout of the T-Virus and the newly developed G-virus and C-virus in Tall Oaks and Lanshiang HongKong, I became a BOW (Bio-Organic Weapons) fighter for Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA).


4. Mission Complete.........

I sat in the car for what seemed like forever. The people who were injected by the T-virus are caged and are headed to HQ for decontamination. The BSAA members have arrived after Ada suddenly disappeared with this new virus we found. Helena called it A-virus, because this guy took the T-virus and Animal DNA and combined those two. 

Never the less all the mutants in that horrid buildings are gone and destroyed. The government strictly forbid the leak of this new information. Helena opened the door to the vehicle and sat beside me on the back seats. "Mission Complete, I guess" I sarcastically  toned. Outside all the other field agents have quickly sprayed down the place. 

"Until the next one comes around...." Helena declared staring out the window. By the look of her face she seemed almost traumatized like the Tall Oaks incident. 

'That little girl looked like my sister, she was in pain like her. She was screaming and morphing. Leon came through the door soaked in zombie guts, Ada was nowhere to be found (like always). BSAA agents were outside giving help and securing the place.' 

"Who ever wanted to use BOW's anyways?........"

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