Louis On Board

Don't you hate it when you're trapped with someone you hate? I'm trapped with Louis, yes, Louis Tomlinson. I hate him without limits. When the crew ship sunk and i got stuck in a small bout ALONE with him, he thought he was smart enough to handle the boat. But no, just because he wears stripes doesn't mean he's a sails man! He just got us MORE stuck in sea..


3. Yes

" Why not?" I smirked.

" Well, lets get to know each other better." Liam smiled, grabbed my hand and we just walked around on the deck.

" You first." He said.

" Favorite colour?" I asked.

" Blue."

" Fave food?"

" Burgers."

" Age?"

" 19."

" My turn." He smiled.

" Fave colour?" 

" Baby blue." I smiled.

" Age?" 

" 18."

'' So this gives me permission to do this?" He smirked.

" Wh-"

 He slowly leaned in and kissed my neck, my knees went weak and i let a little moan out of my lips. I could feel his chuckle on my neck.

" HEY LIAM!" That one obnoxious kid named Louis, yelled. I rolled my eyes and me and Liam looked over at him.

" Yeah Louis?" Liam asked annoyed.

" I just wanted to tell you that we all have to go to our rooms now." Louis raised his eyebrows and ran off.

" Ugh, well, by,  Grace.." He smiled, kissed my cheek, and ran off.

I think Liam's the one.

** Louis's POV **

Anger struck to me as soon as i saw Liam kissing Grace's neck. I need a lie..

" HEY LIAM!" I yelled, running over there. I could see Grace getting annoyed. Ouch.

'' Yeah Louis?" Liam asked. I need him far away from her.

" I just wanted to tell you that we have to go to our rooms now." I raised my eyebrows and ran off.

 I have no idea why i feel like this about her.. My girlfriend Eleanor is coming on deck tomorrow! I hate Grace so much, but with the same hate, she turns me on so much. Maybe if i had sex with her, this thing will end....?

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