Louis On Board

Don't you hate it when you're trapped with someone you hate? I'm trapped with Louis, yes, Louis Tomlinson. I hate him without limits. When the crew ship sunk and i got stuck in a small bout ALONE with him, he thought he was smart enough to handle the boat. But no, just because he wears stripes doesn't mean he's a sails man! He just got us MORE stuck in sea..


1. The Crew ship

" Well, Hello there pretty lady.." Someone said from behind me. Oh great. It was one of the dorks of that gay boy band One Direction.

" I'm not single.." I hissed and walked closer to the rail that over came the moving waves.

" i don't care about that.." He chuckled as he kissed my neck.

" Jesus! Just go away!" I yelled. He's so annoying!

" I didn't catch your name, by the way." He smiled.

" Thats non of your business!" I smiled and rolled my eyes.

" Hey Grace!" both my best friends, Audrey (Boo) and Kenzie yelled. Great, now he knows my name..

" Grace, i see.. Well, I'll catch you later, Grace.." He smirked and walked away.

" Grace?! Why on earth was LOUIS THE TOMMO next to you?!" Boo squeeze my arms.

" I have no idea. And he's so annoying! Can this ship just finally crash and everyone die?!" I laughed.

" You're insane!" Kenzie screamed.

" Oh well!" I smiled, tossing one of Kenzie's beautiful brown locks.

" Now go on Twinsies!" i Laughed. Her and Boo look alike so we call them twins. But Boo has green blue eyes, and Kenzie has bright blue eyes. And Boo's curls are curlier than Kenzie's.

" Okay, we'll be in the room.." Boo smiled. The two walked away, leaving me alone. The sun was just setting and i decided to watch it go completely down.

" Alone?" Someone with a deep husky irish accent asked.

" Yeah.." I laughed.

" Me too." He sighed.

" Well, I have my friends. But I'm physically alone right now.." I chuckled.

" Same." He shrugged. He was pretty cute.

" Have you ever wondered what it would be like to die?" I asked. He probably instantly thought i was a freak. I mean what type of question is that?!


" Sometimes.. I mean, I'm in the band One Direction, so I travel a lot." My eyes fluttered open when he said One Direction.

" ONE DIRECTION?!" I asked shocked.

" Yeah.. Aha.." He said awkwardly.

" Sorry, but can you tell the stripped dude to STOP BOTHERING ME..?" I giggled.

" Okay, why?" He asked.

" He's annoying."

" How?"

" Don't even ask.."

" Why not?"

" You should know." 

 At this point, his hands were wrapped around my waist, and our noses were touching.

" Well I don't know." He mumbled. I bit my lip. He looked in my eyes, then at my lips, then back at my eyes.

" Kiss Me." He whispered.

" You didn't need to ask." I giggled. We both leaned in and were about to kiss when-

" GRACE, WHERE ON GOD DAM EARTH ARE YOU?!" Boo yelled. Me and The irish dude quickly jumped away from each other and Boo approached us.

" Oh, Grace. You almost killed me and Kenzie! Let's go back! It's cold and it's dark!" She shivered. She soon say the blonde guy and looked at us shocked.

" Sorry about, you know, disturbing.." She laughed and winked.

" I'm Audrey, but they call me Boo!" She smiled and shook hands with the guy.

" I'm Niall, nice meeting you guys." He smiled at her then at me.

" Well, good night girls. I'll try to see you in the morning." He grinned, then slowly walked away.

" I NEED DETAILS!" Boo yelled as soon as he was out of sight.

 I laughed and walked away.



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