Louis On Board

Don't you hate it when you're trapped with someone you hate? I'm trapped with Louis, yes, Louis Tomlinson. I hate him without limits. When the crew ship sunk and i got stuck in a small bout ALONE with him, he thought he was smart enough to handle the boat. But no, just because he wears stripes doesn't mean he's a sails man! He just got us MORE stuck in sea..



The fresh ocean breeze hit my nose. I arose from my bed and greeted the girls.

" Morning Twinsies! " I smiled and got up.

  I grabbed my robe and walked over to the small bathroom..

 So many things going on mind.



The half kiss.

Boo disturbing.


 I tried to picture me and Niall together. That's a good picture. I giggled. I turned the water on and waited for it to warm up.

 Me and Louis? Maybe..? Well, if he changed a bit and stopped being so annoying. I mean, he's not ugly. In fact, he's REALLY attractive. It's just that he's to annoying for me.

 I reached out to touch the water. Perfect.

 I dropped the rope and got in. The hotel water splashed over me; burning my flesh (not literally!). I began to apply soup and sort.

" If only Louis was different. Then maybe he would have a chance with me.. Then maybe not." I mumbled to myself. Yeah, dating Louis wouldn't be my best choice- Ever!


" Hey girls!" I smiled at the tanning girls. They were wearing bikinis and they were tanning on the deck.

" Hey Boooo!" Niall said running over and hugging her. Oh, I see what's going on..

" Hey Kenz!" Some dude came up and hugged her. He had very dark almost black hair and a slight cream tan.

" Oh hey guys!" They both said at unison.

" Hey Niall." I smiled. He didn't even look at me. I felt like punching him.

" Can I talk to you?" I asked Niall. He looked confused. I felt like beating the hell out of this child! Like, what type of guy does that?!

" Um.. Do I know you?" He asked. What?!

" Hello?! Grace? Beautiful girl that you were about to kiss at sunset?!" I asked a bit to loud.

" Oh! Right.." He mumbled.

" What?" I asked annoyed.

" Im sorry I was drunk.. I can't remember anything." He scratched his head and walked over to the small group.

" Someone just pushed your button.." Louis mumbled from behind me.

" You know, you're unsupportable! How can people manage you?! Seriously! Go. Away.!" I yelled and stomped away. I think I might have been a bit to harsh with him but he's a creep!

" Woah! Grace? Where did this all come from?" Kenzie said running after me.

" Well, Louis is such a pain!" I yelled, quickly punching the wall. Then grabbing my knuckles because if the pain.

" You like him." Kenzie giggled. I watched as her flat stomach rose up and down as she laughed.

" No!" I rolled my eyes. She poked my cheek whilst laughing. I tried to poke her back but she ran off.

I don't like him!

He's to weird.

Is he?


He's to weird, and to annoying.

But not ugly..

" Punching walls?" Someone asked from behind me.

" Um.." I mumbled turning around.

" Liam." He smiled and shook my hand.

" Grace.'' i smiled.

" Pretty name, for a pretty girl." He said as i blushed.

" Thank you." I giggled.

" Oh hey Liam!" Some dude yelled.

 It was the same tan guy.

" Hey Zayn!" Liam smiled and waved.

" Check out who I just got hooked up with!?" Zayn smiled ear to ear. He ran up to us and pointed to Kenzie.

" Thats so sweet!" Liam said.

" I know! I'm going to have some good se- Woah, you're one of her best friend huh?!" His eyes widened when he noticed my presence.

" Yeah.." I said raising my eyebrows.

" i meant I'm going to have some good se-se-.. Hmm.. Selary..?" Zayn muttered.

 He quietly walked backwards and ran off.

" he's so weird.." i mumbled. 

" yeah.." Liam said. 

" hey, are you doing anything tonight?" Liam asked. I flicked a black strand of hair.

" No.. Why?" I asked sheepishly; already knowing the question.

" Will you have dinner with me?" he asked shyly.

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