Sister to Daughter (One Direction Fan Fiction)

18 yr old Harry Styles is home for Christmas when his mum and step-dad die in a tragic accident, leaving him to take care of his 8 month old little sister Elle. Soon he gets full custody making Elle his daughter rather than sister.


1. The Accident

You know the saying ‘my life changed completely in a second’? Well, that’s what happened to me. The crisp winter night was in full motion. I was home from tour for Christmas, my mother and step father went out for a date night. Leaving me, 18 year old Harry Styles, to take care of my 8 month old baby sister Elle. She was so fragile and delicate, she had stunning green eyes, much like my own, and even though she was a baby she had a deep dimple on the side of her smooth cheek. She had a bit of brown curly locks peeping out of her head. She’s going to be a heartbreaker when she’s older. I was currently cradling Elle in my arms as she slept; I on the other hand was watching my favorite television show, Friends. I was just starting to drift off and join Elle in a nice nap when something came up on my television screen making me eyes wide and jaw drop.

“Breaking News! A car containing a young man and woman, Anne Styles and Robin, was rear ended causing the car to drift into on-coming traffic. Then once pushed in traffic was hit repeatedly and pushed off the nearby bridge. The young married couple died on the scene. Witness’s say this is the most tragic accident to have occurred in the past years. Please take this moment to pray for their family. If you have any further information about the accident please call our hotline.”  I froze. They died? I have no parents now; sure I have my biological father who left me and my mom. Other than that I have Elle. She’s going to grow up without parents. My thoughts were soon interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Causing Elle to wake up from her nap and cry. Comforting Elle with arm, I answered the phone with my free hand.

“Hello is this Harry Styles, son of Anne Styles?” The voice said.

“Yes this is he, who is this?”

“This is Gary from the Holmes Chapel child services. We have been notified of your mother’s death along with your step father. I am calling on the behalf of the state. We are aware that there is a young infant in your procession correct?”


“Well, I am aware that you are a legal adult. The state wishes to award you full custody of the infant, if you wish to keep the infant we need you to sign some papers.”

“When and where do I need to sign the papers?”

“My office, whenever you can come in. I close in 2 hours. You may come in tonight to sign the papers. I understand if you wish to think about this or if you need time to grieve over their deaths.”

“I will come in tonight.”

“Great, thank you for your cooperation Mr. Styles.” With that I hung up the phone.

I know that I have the band to think about but, this is my sister. My parents daughter, she is a part of my life just as much as she was part of their life’s. I dressed Elle in some warmer clothes and placed her in her car seat, grabbed the keys to my range rover and drove towards the child services office.  The drive was quick; Elle did not make a sound. She drifted back to sleep as soon as the car started moving. It was 9o’clock when I reached his office. I grabbed Elle and carried her inside with me to sign the papers. I opened the large glass doors and went to the front desk located directly in front of the doors.

“Hello, I’m looking for Gary. I’m here to sign some papers regarding custody of my sister.” I said the woman at the desk. She looked to be about in her 50’s. She looked angry; her face was covered in makeup. Her hands starting to turn wrinkly and her very prestige veins shone through. She simply just nodded and pointed to a door that had Gary’s name on it.

I knocked on the wood door three times.

“Come in!” I heard a voice proclaim. I opened the door with my free hand and let myself in. I looked over at the desk and saw Gary. He was wearing a grey suit and had on glasses. His hair was grey and he was starting to bald. His shoes were scuffed and brown. He had some short hair on his pant leg, suggesting that he has a small dog as a pet.

“Ah, Mr. Styles, this must be your sister I presume.” He said as I walked in his office.

“Yes this is Elle, where are the papers that I need to sign?” I asked just wanting to get this over with so I can go home and let the boys know and management.

“Right here Mr. Styles. As soon as you sign them I will place them in your folder and it will be taken to the state, making full custody yours.” I just nodded and quickly signed the paper on the desk with my right hand because Elle occupied my left. The man thanked me and with that I walked out of his office and back to my car to go home.


I arrived home tired and worn out. Elle was now awake; she hadn’t made a noise though.  I changed her into a onesie to keep her warm as she slept and changed her diaper. I pulled out my phone and sent out a tweet to all the fans:

“R.I.P Mum and Robin, Love you. I will take good care of Elle. xxx”

And with that I put down my phone. The fans know about Elle and the rest of my family. They were extremely thrilled when I tweeted pictures of little Elle, they know she is my sister. So there is no confusion there. I placed Elle down in my lap as my phone started ringing; Louis. I quickly slide the thing to answer.

“Hello?” I asked with my voice slightly hoarse, sounding as if I was going to cry.

“Harry? Are you okay?! I heard the news! How is Elle?” He sounded extremely worried.

“I’m holding up Lou, Elle is fine. She is oblivious to the whole situation. But uh I now have full custody of Elle, I went and signed the papers just now. So, to the state she is now my daughter. Do you think Simon will care if she goes along on tour with us? I mean she could play with Lux!” I said trying to reassure myself as well as Lou.

“Harry it’s okay, everything will work out. I promise. In the end everything’s okay. If it’s not okay then it’s not the end. I’m sure Simon won’t mind. He is a very understanding man. Do the other boys know?”

“If they check my tweets then yes, I didn’t want to worry them on their break. Breaks are supposed to be fun and spent with your families Lou. I have no family to spend it with other than Elle! I just, I just don’t want to screw her up. I mean I’m no dad material. I’m just me, famous Harry Styles.”

“Harry, I promise you this. You are more than that. You will not screw Elle up. You will have all us boys to help you and even Lou! You haven’t screwed up Lux at all, so you will do fine. I promise. Do you want to call the boys to see if you can stay and hangout with one of them? I would invite you to come to mine but Eleanor is coming. I don’t want you to feel left out man.”

“No, no it’s okay Lou. I think I will give Niall a call and see if he wants to do something. Since, you know he is the only other single one than me.”

“Alright, Take care. Love you Harry.”

“Love you too boo bear.” With that I hung up the phone. I sat and stared at Elle. She was so tiny; she looked as if she was 3 months not 8. She stared back at me and her eyes lit up causing a huge grin to take over my face. Usually, when someone looses their parents like me they cry. Well, I can’t cry. I have to stay strong for Elle. I think if Elle was in the car too I wouldn’t have anything to live for. She keeps me centered, she’s like my rock. I know that is a lot of pressure to put on a baby but, it’s true. I was tempted to pick up my phone and call Niall to see if he wanted to hangout. But, I don’t want to ruin his break too. This could be some good brother and sister quality time well now, father and daughter quality time. 

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