Everything is Fake

Samantha lives a happy life until that one day that changed her life. It was supposed to be harmless until Jordan and Alex suggested a game which was supposed to be fun. Now Samantha's life is upside down. But when she gives in on it will she realized what it really meant to her? Will she miss her old life that was a fake life? A romance that will get you laughing, crying, and wanting to read on until the end.


3. rules

Samantha's P.O.V

I was leaving school when Corey came up to me. "Hey" he said "hi. Why are you walking with me?" I ask maybe a little rude. "Well since we are dating I think I should walk you home?" "Okay" I answer. Then the captain of the football team Max came up to me and said "looking good today ,beautiful". "Thanks you look good too" "you know where I would look better? With you" I giggled. "Why don't you leave her alone?" Corey said. "What's it to you?" Max said. "Well she is my girlfriend. So buzz off freak" he answered. "Okay sorry didn't know she was your girlfriend. Jeez." Max said and walked away. "New rule" Corey started "no flirting you are my girlfriend you are not single anymore" I was so pissed off at him I just started to walk with Corey behind me the whole time. Then I remembered that the only reason I was dating Corey was for a dare and I needed to make it last a year. "Corey I am sorry I acted childish and I really shouldn't have been flirting and I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?" I said acting like I cared about him. "Yeah maybe I did overreact I just don't want you to leave me." Wow he believed me i am a really good actress. He cares about me though. That means In a year when I tell him about the dare he will be devastated. What do I do?

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