Everything is Fake

Samantha lives a happy life until that one day that changed her life. It was supposed to be harmless until Jordan and Alex suggested a game which was supposed to be fun. Now Samantha's life is upside down. But when she gives in on it will she realized what it really meant to her? Will she miss her old life that was a fake life? A romance that will get you laughing, crying, and wanting to read on until the end.


2. asking him out

Samantha's P.O.V

I went up to Corey and I said "hey" "oh" he said "hi" 

**A/N s- Samantha c-corey in the conversation **

S- "how are you?"

C- "I guess that I am okay."

S- "great well anyways I was wondering if you wanted to be my boyfriend?"

C- "why would you want me to be your boy friend?" 

S- "because I really like you"

C- "why do you really like me?"

S- "because you're sweet, smart, funny, cute."

C- "okay I will go out with you"

S- "really?"

C- "yep."

S- "cool bye" I said and I kissed his cheek then walked to my science class. I still can't believe that I just asked a complete need to go out with me. But then again he is cute and sweet and funny. Oh no! Do I actually like him?


Sorry guys in the first chapter I wrote Troy but here I wrote Corey his name is supposed to be Corey.

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