Crazy 'Bout You

My sister is dead.
Her daughter is now under my wing and I have to take care of her.
I can't get him off my mind.
Boy I'm crazy 'bout you.

Jewel has just recently moved to London and now she has to take care of her 6 yr old niece. Life is difficult but Jewel makes it through. She finds herself finding a new family, and accepting 5 british boys into her life. She falls head over heels for one particular boy and man does he make her crazy! But his ex just won't let him go that easy. Will Jewel fight for Niall or is she too weak and tired?


1. Off To London

I stared at the little girl sound asleep in my arms.

My baby girl.

My baby niece.

She was perfect.

I got an itch in my throat but I fought back the tears. I can't believe this little girl didn't have a mother anymore. She had me now. But I would try my best to fulfil her mum's job and do everything within my willpower to give this girl a chance at a new life.

She would cry every night, kicking and screaming. Nightmares filling her mind each and every single night. She couldn't get the image of her dying mother out of her mind. She was only 6. How could she forget something like that?

I could see the scars in her eyes. She was scared and only with time, love and care would those scars fully heal and she could live her life with ease.

She shifted in her sleep and I pulled her close to my body. How could I possible be a mother to this little girl? I'm only 18. Only just turned into an adult. But I couldn't leave her back home in Australia with her grandparents, my parents. I knew she needed to be raised by me. I was the closest thing to her mum, my sister. The bond between my sister and I was the strongest feeling in the world. No one could keep us apart. I grew up to be a role model to this little girl. She was the reason I kept out of trouble. I wanted to show her that I was strong and I was a good human being. She would smile at me and say, 'I love you auntie Jewel. I'm so proud' then she would place her hand on my cheek and look at me with those big beautiful blue eyes. I melted at the sight of them.

We went through some turbelance and I felt the plane drop a bit.

Sorry folks. There's going to be a bit of turbulence but the good news is we'll be landing in 30 minutes.

Finally! I hadn't gotten much sleep on this flight. I just couldn't sleep. My thoughts were just too much. My brain simply couldn't shut off to allow me to sleep. I felt my eyes get unbelievably heavy but every time my eyes closed, I'd wake again. Ugh. Why me? I stared out the window but all I saw was white fluffy clouds and the beautiful blue sky. I was glad to be going home to London again.

I was happy to have this little girl with me.

I was happy to show her around and have her apart of my life.

I was quite lonely in London.

I had a few friends like Paul, from Starbucks just down the road from my work, then I had Stefina from work. A few other friends but Paul and Stefina were practically the only ones I hung out with. It's not that I didn't have friends, I just found these two better company plus I found it hard to keep friends. I wasn't very trustworthy of people, my past explains that all but I won't get into that. Paul and Stefina were very excited to meet Faith. My niece. I just knew that Faith would love them too!

Faith woke from the last bit of turbulance and rubbed her eyes.

"Auntie Jewel?"

"Yes baby. I'm here"

"Are we nearly there?" She questioned looking deep into my eyes. I could tell she really wanted to get off this plane.

"Yes love. We're nearly there." Then she put her head against my chest and went back to sleep. I heard soft snores escape her mouth and saw her chest rise up and down.

I picked up a magazine I had bought before the plane flight and flipped it open to a page I did not want to read.


A young 22 yr old mother from Cairns, Australia was brutally murdered by former ex-boyfriend while her 6 yr old daughter was made to watch.

Neighbours woke to hear the screams of the mother at 2am in the morning on 12th of February. It has been said that when the neighbours had gotten to the mother, she was already dead. With her attacker standing over her pleased with himself. The little girl was tied to a chair and made to watch and hear the sounds of her mother dying. 

Police have confirmed that the attacker will be getting a life sentence in prison and bail is not possible. 

The little girl was kept under protection for about 1 month before her Auntie made the drastic decision to take her to London to stay with her. 

We all hope she's okay and we hope she's has a future away from this all. 

We're all thinking about you Faith.


The one thing I loved about this magazine is that it was like the newspaper with the headlines and news stories but unlike the newspaper, they showed emotion. They cared about the people they wrote about and would say at the end of each story, 'thinking of you' 'hope your okay' '#pray' or stuff like that. But still, I didnt want to read about this. I heard it enough. That's why I moved to London. 

I moved to London a week after my sister died. Of course I stayed for her funeral but I needed to get away from it all. Everyone chasing me around to get an interview. People looking at me with sympathy in their eyes. Being treated differently. I mean yes, it's sad my sister is gone. I still cry myself to sleep at night. But she wouldn't want me to hurt myself with this pain. She'd want me to move on with my life because she knew I've already been through enough. 

When my parents had told me about Faith and the nightmares they begged me to come home for her and that she needed me. I told them no, but I would take her to London with me to have a fresh start. They were very cautious at the start, wondering if I could handle a 6 yr old but after a while they gave me their blessing. They knew I was right about Faith having a fresh start. 

She could go to school here in London. My job allowed me to be there only during school hours so I would pick up Faith every day when she finished. I would have to work a Saturday or late night here and there but Faith was happy to come along and work was happy to have her. 

I loved my job. Being a music producer. Well, I was more like an assistant. I helped Gregory (who was the music producer) when he needed and I also wrote songs. I had gotten this job thanks to Gregory. He saw me perform at a local club back in Cairns a while ago and offered me a job straight up. He could see I had talent. Even though the job was overseas, I couldn't refuse. I was in London a week later. 

Being in the job I was I met so many different people. Jessie J and Ed Sheeran were my favourite so far. Me and Jessie got talking while she was in the studio and immediately we realised how much we had in common. She's another friend I guess. And Ed. He was just like a ginger Jesus. I melted every time he opened his mouth to sing. I was supposed to be meeting someone new next week, a different artist, but Gregory wouldn't tell me who. He wanted to keep it all a surprise. 

The plane began its decent into London and I was just happy that the feeling of the ground beneath my feet was only a few minutes away.

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