Forever, Yours.

Piper and Harry have been neighbors at birth, and ever since then, they were best friends. That is, until when they were 14, Piper disappeared. Everybody had given up hope of finding her, but Harry never had. And it turns out he was right, but there's one problem. Harry had been in love with Piper for the longest time. So when Piper suddenly comes back into Harry's life, he's not gonna risk losing her again. With Harry on tour, Piper gets herself into some trouble again, and Harry will do anything to save her, possibly ending his own life. Find out more in 'Forever, Yours.'


4. Your name is not Jessa

A few hours passed and we got off the plane to LA. The girl that found Piper, Jayci, was actually going to meet us at Walmart, since I promised her she could meet us. We got in the car waiting for us and drove to Walmart. We parked in the back of the parking lot waiting for Jayci. A few minutes later a car pulled up next to us. We got out of the car and an excited teenage girl jumped out. 
"Hi I'm Jayci." She gave us each a hug. 
"I know who you are sillys!" She laughed. 
We took pictures with her and signed some stuff for her. 
"So, can you show us where you saw her?" I asked. 
"Yeah sure thing. What's her name anyway?" She asked. 
"Piper." I replied. 
"Oh, that wasn't the name on her name tag." Jayci said as we began walking towards the store. 
"That's odd. I'll have to have a talk with her." I said. 
We kept a low profile hoping nobody would see us. Nobody is supposed to know we're in LA. We approached the rows of counters. 
"Over there." Jayci pointed to a girl. 
"Is that her Harry?" Niall nudged me. 
"Yeah, I think so." I smiled. 
I grabbed a pack of gum to buy and we all got into her line. We were next in line. 
"Hello did you-" she looked up and saw me. Her eyes went wide. 
"D-did you find everything okay?" She looked down.  
"Actually yes, yes I did, Piper." I replied. She flinched at the sound of her name. She wrung up the items, wait. 
"Niall!" I shouted. 
"I'm hungry." He said stacking up those little to go snack packs. 
Liam, Louis, and Zayn all laughed an each grabbed one for themselves. I read Pipers name tag which said 'Jessa' 
"Why does your name tag say Jessa, Piper?" I questioned. 
"I don't know what you're talking about." She said as she continued ringing up our items. She didn't make eye contact with me. 
"Piper! Look at me." I pleaded. 
She slowly looked up at me. 
"What happened?" I whispered. 
A tear rolled down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away. 
"My name is Jessa." She barely made out. 
"Piper, stop. Your name is Piper!" I shouted. 
"That will be 12 dollars." She said. 
I handed her the money.  
"Have a good day." She said and handed a bag to me and to Niall. 
"Piper I'm not leaving until you tell me what happened." I said sternly. 
She sighed. "I get off in 10 minutes. Just wait for me then." She continued ringing up other people's items. 
"Okay. Ill be waiting right here." I said and walked over to the bench, the guys following me. 
"Is it her Harry?" Louis asked. 
I looked back at her and watched her talk to the customers. She still had the same brown hair, smile, everything. 
"Yeah, it's definitely her Lou." I smiled. 
"Why did she say her name was Jessa?" Liam looked confused. 
"I don't know. I'm just as confused as you are!" I replied. 
"Lets take her out for a bite to eat." Zayn suggested. 
"Good idea." I smiled. 
We turned our attention back to Piper who had shut off her register light. She walked over to us. 
"I'll be back in a minute." She said and walked away. 
A couple minutes later she returned. She walked passed us slowly muttering "Talk." We all got up and followed her. She turned around and faced me. 
"Look. My name is Jessa. And you guys are?" She questioned. 
"And I'm Jennifer! I'm just kidding. I'm Louis!" He shouted. 
"You know exactly who I am. PIPER." I said. 
"Nice to meet you." She shook their hands and giving me a glare. 
She continued walking. 
"You're gonna have to tell me sometime or another!" I shouted. 
"Tell you what." She wouldn't face me. 
"Piper! We have to talk about this!" I was getting frustrated. 
We were now in the back of the parking lot. 
"My name is Jessa!" She shouted. 
"Piper! Stop lying to me! I can still hear your accent no matter how much you try and cover it up!" I screamed. 
The boys all followed behind me, entertained by our shouting. 
Piper clicked a button to unlock her car. It was actually a few spots down from our car. Her back was still facing me. 
"Piper. You don't know how scared I was. One minute you were there, the next you were gone. The police looked everywhere for you. I lost my bestfriend. And I'm not losing you again!" I shouted. 
Piper stopped walking. She turned around, tears streaming down her face. She ran towards me and jumped into my arms. I held onto her tightly, taking in her scent. 
"I missed you so much Harry." She whispered into my ear. 
"I never thought I would find you again." I stroked her hair. 
The boys cleared their throats. I set Piper down and turned to the boys. 
"So, this is Piper?" Liam chuckled. 
"Yes." Piper replied. "I know who you guys are too." She laughed. 
"How'd you find out?" I asked Piper. 
"Well, I heard you guys on the radio. I heard you guys all say your name, and when I heard Harry, I knew it had to be him. Because I remembered you used to sing to me all the time Harry. I remembered how you always said, 'I'll be famous one day' to me, and I never believed you. I looked you guys up, and I was so happy for you Harry. I knew that it was just a matter of time before you found me." She explained. 
"Piper what happened?" I asked. 
"It's, a-erm, long story." She replied. 
"Lets go out to eat, then you can explain everything. Okay?" I asked pulling her close to my side. 
"Alright. Harry, I want you to know, that, it's not my fault." She looked up at me. 
"I believe you." I kissed her cheek. 

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