Forever, Yours.

Piper and Harry have been neighbors at birth, and ever since then, they were best friends. That is, until when they were 14, Piper disappeared. Everybody had given up hope of finding her, but Harry never had. And it turns out he was right, but there's one problem. Harry had been in love with Piper for the longest time. So when Piper suddenly comes back into Harry's life, he's not gonna risk losing her again. With Harry on tour, Piper gets herself into some trouble again, and Harry will do anything to save her, possibly ending his own life. Find out more in 'Forever, Yours.'


3. Twitter success.

When I awoke the next morning, I checked my twitter. There were so many re-tweets, favorites, and replies. I looked through some of the replies. Most of them were just fans trying to get my attention, when one caught my eye, that actually had a picture attached to it. I read her tweet: "Harry! I found her! This has to be her! It looks just like the girl from your picture!" I opened up the picture connected to the tweet, it was in a store, and there was a girl behind the counter. I zoomed in with my fingers and studied the picture. Piper. But, there was one thing that would tell me for sure if this was Piper. She had a beauty mark on her neck, I used to make fun of her all the time for it. I looked closer at the picture. I couldn't believe my eyes. She had the same mark. This had to be Piper. I was sure of it now. But, why was she in a store? I mean, why didn't she come back home?! It has to be her, so, why would she do this? Just leave everyone behind. The Piper I know and love would have came home, she would have contacted us,  she wouldn't have left on purpose without telling us. Maybe Piper didn't disappear, maybe she got kidnapped. Okay I need to stop making assumptions. First, I need to see her. I need to know that it truly is Piper. I tweeted this girl back saying "where did you see her?" I know she'll respond. I got up an got dressed, and ordered some room service for breakfast. That should wake up Niall coming down the hall. As I say there eating my phone lit up with a notification from twitter. I unlocked my phone an read her tweet back. "Omg! Harry actually tweeted me back! Thanks Harry! :D life=made. Anyway I saw her in California when I went on vacation there. Private message me! I don't want her getting mobbed by fans! xx" I decided I would message her. "Hey love, it's Harry." I started a conversation. She instantly replied back. "Omg! Hi Harry!" "Haha:) So what's this you found about my friend?" I just wanted to know about Piper. "Well, first of all. Is she a childhood friend or your girlfriend?;)" she replied. "Well, how can she be my girlfriend if I, an nobody else knows where she is?" I responded. "Good point. I'm dumb. Anyway, I saw her in the store Walmart, at a register, I thought she looked like the girl in your pic." She said. "You're not dumb.  I Probably would have asked too. And what city? Thanks for all your help too btw. xx" I responded. "Los Angeles. I can find out what store. And it's really no problem, anything for you Harry! I just have one thing in return." She said. "What do you want?" I was not very amused. "Can I just meet you and all the boys?:D That's all! I love you guys so much." She explained. "Oh! Yeah I'm sure we can work something out. Promise. xx." I said. "Thanks Harry! Eep! This is so exciting." She replied. "Lol, I have to go now, have a wonderfully day love. xx" "Bye Harry.<3" Well, now I know where I can find her. "Boys! We're going to California! It's an emergency!" I shouted waking them up. "Ugh! Harry! Why?!" Niall threw his pillow at me. "I think I found Piper." I said happily. They suddenly all woke up. "Really?" Niall jumped up. "Yeah, really." I smiled. "How?" Liam sat up and rubbed his eyes. "I had a little help from the fans." I said. "Harry! The fans are gonna mob her!!" Liam Shiite. "No they won't! This girl that found her is pretty cool. She just wants to meet us." I explained. "Whatever." Zayn said. It's morning and Zayn is NOT a morning person. "Come on! Lets go get Harry his girl!" Lou jumped out of bed. "Thanks guys!" I smiled. About half an hour later we were heading to the airport. We got on the plane an took our seats. It was crazy to think that in just a few hours, Piper could be back in my arms again. And this time, I won't let her go, ever again. 

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