Forever, Yours.

Piper and Harry have been neighbors at birth, and ever since then, they were best friends. That is, until when they were 14, Piper disappeared. Everybody had given up hope of finding her, but Harry never had. And it turns out he was right, but there's one problem. Harry had been in love with Piper for the longest time. So when Piper suddenly comes back into Harry's life, he's not gonna risk losing her again. With Harry on tour, Piper gets herself into some trouble again, and Harry will do anything to save her, possibly ending his own life. Find out more in 'Forever, Yours.'


2. I'll find you

~Day of Harry's x-factor audition~ 

Harry's POV 
I walked into the stadium where I would audition. I was nervous. Well, here goes nothing. 

~A few months later~ 
I got paired with 4 other lads, and we now formed a band, One Direction. We were all going to get kicked off, but they decided to make us a band. We came in 3rd place in the x-factor. But this is just the beginning of our career. I really wish Piper were here. Then I could tell my bestfriend all about this amazing experience. I will find her again, I need to know what happened to her, and where she is. I can't live wondering like this. None of the boys know about Piper yet, even though we're all pretty close with each other now. We've been pretty busy lately. We're quite popular, even over in the U.S. Its amazing. I never expected this to happen. We are expected to release our first album soon. How exciting! 

~Present Day~ 

The lads and I get a few days break. We have released 2 albums now. Up All Night, and Take Me Home. We've been working on our third album, and we're finishing up the Take Me Home tour. We're about to go out, but we aren't taking security guards. More fun that way, according to Louis. We just have to keep our hoods up, and sneak out the back of the hotel. We made sure nobody was watching, and headed for the stairs. We all walked out the back entrance of the hotel. "Where to first boys?" Liam asked putting his hood up. "Anywhere." Zayn said. "Doesn't matter." I said. We all walked away from the hotel, casually. They didn't even notice us, but we walked spaces away, so nobody got suspicious. When we were far enough away, we all formed back together. Right now, we were currently in New York. We walked into a random store and looked around. A few fans noticed us so we took a few quick pictures with them, and told them not to post them until later an to please be quiet. And they actually listened. I must admit, some of the fans are pretty cute, but nobody could ever replace that spot Piper had. "Escalators!" Lou yelled an ran to get on. The rest of us laughed and followed. We ran back an forth going up and down until we got kicked out for doing crazy things on them. We walked down the sidewalk until we came across a small coffee shop. "Anybody coffee?" I asked. I got an aroma of YESS! 's.  we walked in and the boys all sat down at a table in the corner while I walked to the counter to order our coffee. When I approached the counter, this girl looked like Piper. "Piper?!" I said in a high pitched voice, it was worth a shot to see.  "Who's Piper?" She asked. My heart sank. "What's your name?" I asked. "My name is Lucy." She stated. "Oh, I'm sorry. You reminded me of someone." I shrugged it off. "Yeah I get that alot." She giggled. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah. I must look like someone." She said handing me my coffees.  "Well thanks for the coffee." I said and walked away. I sat down with the boys. "Getting a girl Harry?" Niall nudged me with his elbow. "Not exactly." I replied. "Yeah right! Harry Styles not getting a girl?!" Louis laughed. "No, that's not it Lou." I said trying to think. "Alright, what's on your mind Hazz?" Liam asked. "What? Oh, nothing." I pulled on a smile. "Oh stop it." Zayn chuckled. "What?" I said. "Tell us what's wrong." Niall pleaded. "Nothing." I strictly replied. "Harry, you have your thinking face on, you're not fooling anybody." Liam giggled. "Ugh fine. Do you guys really want to know?" I asked. "YES." They all said in sync. "Okay. Well, back at home, I had a neighbor, her name was Piper. We lived next door all our lives, and we were best friends, but when we were 14, she disappeared, and it was pretty much all my fault." I said putting my head in my hands. "What? That's crazy. How was it your fault?!" Louis asked. "I made her come with me. I made her do it." I said in a whisper. "What did you make her do?" Liam asked. "I made her come to the lake with me. This never would have happened if I just listened to her." I said slamming my fists against the table with rage.  "Calm down Harry. Whats so special about this lake?" Niall questioned. "There is a legend this girl Victoria haunts it, and if you fall in you drown, and disappear, because nobody ever finds your body! Just like what happened to Piper!!" I shouted. "It's okay, Harry." Louis said patting my shoulder. "It's not your fault." Zayn said. "Yes it is. I made her disappear, now I'm gonna find her too." I said. "Harry-" I cut Liam off. "No. I'll find her if its the last thing I do." I said confidently. "Did the police ever find anything?" Zayn asked. "No, nothing." I replied. "Well, I hope she turns up one day, Harry, I really do." Lou patted me on the shoulder again. "Thanks Lou. I hope she does too." I sighed. "Harry, did you-uh, like her?" Niall looked at me. "I didn't like her, I loved her. She was my first, and well, only love." I said. "Aww HARRY!" Lou shouted swinging us back and forth. "But she didn't know I loved her, and apparently she never will." I finished. "Harry if you guys were meant to be together, she'll come back to you somehow. That's how it works." Liam smiled. "Thanks Liam. Alright enough about me! Lets go do something!" I said getting up. "Alright!" Lou perked up. We walked out of the coffee shop to find many paps with camera ready outside the coffee shop. Crap. "AHHHH!" Louis screamed an ran down the street. We started laughing historically an followed him. We ran all the way till we got back to the hotel. We ran right past all the fans apologizing for not staying longer and ran right to the elevator. We frantically pressed the buttons trying to get the doors to close. We were laughing and trying to breathe at the same time. It was difficult. We ran into our rooms closing the doors behind us hoping that Paul wouldn't even notice we left. Our plan was to act like we're sleeping. I changed into some sweats and jumped on my bed and pulled the covers over my face. About a half hour pasted when I heard "BOYS! GET OUT HERE!" I opened up my door trying to look tired like I had just awoken, I looked down the hall and I guess the boys and I were on the same page, each passing some yawns. "Boys! Explain these!" Paul shoved pictures in our faces. They were the pictures from earlier at the coffee shop. "We just went out for a little coffee, Paul." Lou patted his shoulder. "No harm done." Niall chipped in. "Nobody noticed." I added. "You guys are crazy! You could have gotten mobbed by fans!!" Paul shouted at us. "Sorry Paul." Zayn replied. "Don't let it happen again!" He said and slammed the door. We all burst out laughing. "Totally worth it!" Niall started rolling on the floor laughing. We all dropped to the floor joining him. About five minutes later, we picked ourselves up and everyone had went into Niall's room to play video games. I passed and went back to my room. I laid down on my bed thinking. Thinking about how I could find Piper. Then I remembered, I had a picture of Piper and I, the day before Piper disappeared, in front of my house on my phone. I went onto twitter, and posted the following tweet. 

@harrystyles: If anyone can find or locate this girl, please let me know! She's an old childhood friend! Would mean the world to me! xx *Picture* 

The fans are crazy talented like that, I know they would find her somehow. 

Sorry for so many time changes! But now it is present time from now on! I promise! How are you guys liking it so far?! Let me know! Thank you guys!! <3 
~J.K.Styles xx.

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