Forever, Yours.

Piper and Harry have been neighbors at birth, and ever since then, they were best friends. That is, until when they were 14, Piper disappeared. Everybody had given up hope of finding her, but Harry never had. And it turns out he was right, but there's one problem. Harry had been in love with Piper for the longest time. So when Piper suddenly comes back into Harry's life, he's not gonna risk losing her again. With Harry on tour, Piper gets herself into some trouble again, and Harry will do anything to save her, possibly ending his own life. Find out more in 'Forever, Yours.'


10. Confused.

Harry's POV

We were in the middle of a video game when the door burst open. "We're back!" El shouted as she walked into the room. "Eleanor! How good to see you again!" Niall said in his announcer voice.

Piper came strolling in a minute later. "Hey!" She shouted as she came and jumped on the bed next to me. "Did you find anything good?" I asked her.

"Yeah! I got a lot of clothes. Thank you Harry." She kissed me on the cheek.

"You're always welcome Piper." I smiled, and she returned the favor.


~1 week later~

"Come on Piper! We're gonna be late!" I shouted getting in the car.

A minute later she ran out with her luggage and hoped in the car with me. We were going back to Holmes Chapel. I would get to see my family, and Piper would finally get to see hers. My family and Piper's doesn't know I found her. I know, I know. It's mean, but hey, it will be the best surprise in their life. To have their little girl back, safe and sound. We arrived at the airport pretty quickly. After doing all that fun stuff at the airport, we boarded the plane. "I'm gonna listen to music." Piper said while putting in her headphones. "Alright." I replied to Piper. I didn't even know what to do. I was so confused, if Piper liked me, then why doesn't she wanna date? I mean, what if we don't break up, what if we get married and have kids? Piper doesn't know! I guess I do understand where she's coming from though. Ugh, life sucks. Hah, I, Harry Styles, out of everybody, shouldn't be saying that! I mean, I'm one of the most popular people in the world right now, and boy don't I know it. I could have any girl right at my fingertips, but I still want Piper. She has to be the one. I rested my head back and looked around my environment I was currently in. I noticed some chuckling girls a few rows away. Probably fans. Yay, just what I need on top of currently over thinking. I closed my eyes, just a couple times, and I was out.


"Attention all passengers, we will soon arrive at our destination in about 10 minutes. Please turn off all electronic devices, and fasten your seatbelts. Thank you."

I felt a slight weight on my shoulder, I looked over to see Piper, sleep and sound resting her head on my shoulder. "Piper." I whispered as I shook her awake. "Hmm.." She rubbed her eyes and sat up. "We'll be home soon, Piper." I informed her of what the announcer had just said. "Okay." She sat up straight in her seat. "Looks like you have some fans." She laughed at the girls who couldn't peel away their eyes. "Hah, yeah. I suppose they want pictures." I smiled. "Oh we already got a bunch while you were sleeping!" One of the girls whisper shouted to me. Piper and I started laughing. "Do you want me to take pictures with you guys?" I asked. They both looked at each other and back at me. "If its not too much to ask?" She giggled. I got up and knelt down beside her, and she quickly took a bunch of pictures. Her friend, was sitting quietly in her seat. "Do you also want a picture?" I smiled at her. "No, I'm not a One Direction fan." She simply replied. "Okay, then I'll just take a picture with you." I smirked at her as I took her phone out of the cupholder, and slid it to the camera. "Smile!" I shouted and took a few pictures. After me making many many silly faces, she finally cracked and started laughing, before she stopped I took many pictures to capture the moment. "You're a really beautiful girl, you as well." I said to her and her friend. "You're not that bad Styles." She smiled at me. "Thanks, um, never caught your names!" I laughed stupidly. "I'm Alex and my overly obsessed friend here is Jesy." She informed me. "It was very nice to meet you girls. I'm going to head back to my seat now." I said as I waved goodbye. "Harry Styles, who knew you would turn out to be such a little flirt." Piper winked at me as I laughed. "Oh shush, I'm sure you are too."


We hoped into the car to drive Piper and I back home. My mum knew I was coming, but she didn't know I was bringing Piper. I hadn't told her. After a short ride, we pulled up at my house and I hoped out, Piper behind me. I ran to the back door and unlocked the door. I stepped inside with Piper behind me. I looked back at her to see her covering her mouth, tears swelling in her eyes. She did spend a lot of time over here, it was practically her house too. I embraced Piper in a hug as she set her head on my chest, softly crying into it. "Mum? Are you home?" I called out. A few seconds passed. "Harry?" I heard my mom call from upstairs. "Down here!" I shouted back. I looked down at my Piper who was still hanging onto me, her face buried in my chest. "Oh Harry! You brought a girl home?" My mum looked suspicious. Piper looked up at her. "Anne?" She smiled, wiping the tears off of her cheek. "Piper?!" My mums eyes were wide, which soon fell, tears running down her cheeks as she began smiling and jumped at Piper and embraced her in a hug. "Piper! I can't believe its you!" My mum said still hugging Piper. "I can't believe its you either. I missed you so much Anne! Where's Gemma?!" Piper questioned. "She's out with friends, she should be back soon." My mum told Piper. "Have you seen your parents?!" "Not yet. They don't even know I was found. Harry and I thought it would be a good surprise." Piper giggled, still sniffling from crying. "They're gonna be so happy you're back!"



Hey guys I got a laptop for Christmas but my dad was nice and gave it to me a few days early! :D Soooo you guys know what this means.. *drum roll* MORE UPDATES! :D YAAA! Anyway, comment and give me some feedback, I wanna know what you guys are thinking of this! Love youuu!


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