Forever, Yours.

Piper and Harry have been neighbors at birth, and ever since then, they were best friends. That is, until when they were 14, Piper disappeared. Everybody had given up hope of finding her, but Harry never had. And it turns out he was right, but there's one problem. Harry had been in love with Piper for the longest time. So when Piper suddenly comes back into Harry's life, he's not gonna risk losing her again. With Harry on tour, Piper gets herself into some trouble again, and Harry will do anything to save her, possibly ending his own life. Find out more in 'Forever, Yours.'


12. All so quick.

Harry's POV

After that night with Piper, nothing was the same. Piper was going to move on, without me in her life. Or at least not the role I wanted to play in her life. The TMH tour ended, while it felt to me it just started. I can't wait for the WWA Tour. It's going to be amazing. Playing at arenas. I just can't believe Piper won't be standing there cheering me on. It's been a few months now. I see Piper every now and then, just to catch up. I feel like we're drifting apart and I hate it so much. Speaking, I'm going to be at home for a few weeks. I should probably see how she's doing. I haven't seen her in a few months, sadly. Tomorrow night actually I'm getting on a plane to go home, so it will be good to be back!


Piper's POV

Harry just texted me earlier today, he's going to be back soon! Yay! I miss him. It was very hard without him here, but, I got by. I actually met this really cool guy, called Jesse. He's the sweetest. I couldn't ask for someone better. I want Harry to meet him, I think it will be good, I love Harry. So he will put up with Jesse for me. I already came to the conclusion that no matter who I date, Harry will probably dislike them, because, well, we all know why. Harry has to understand, because I can't tell him the real reason why I can't date him. If I wasn't forced to, I would have been all over Harry. Trust me. But I can't tell. I can't tell anyone. This secret will stay with me forever.  


Harry's POV

I just flew in today. I should be home shortly. Piper told me she has someone she wants me to meet. Great. It's probably her new boyfriend, I mean who else would it be? This is weird. I've never had to deal with Piper dating, I mean we were just 14 and sure I had girlfriends then, but Piper was the quiet girl, and the quiet girls don't get boyfriends, even though she is absolutely gorgeous. We pulled into my driveway as I got out of the car and ran to the house. I opened the door to find my mum, Gemma, Piper and a guy I've never seen before, all sitting on the couches, enjoying some snacks. When they all noticed my entrance, Piper jumped up and ran to give me a hug.
"Hi Harry!" She said as she squeezed me. I hugged her back, it lasted for a few seconds before I heard an unfamiliar cough come from behind us. The guy I've never seen before.
"Oh, right, sorry." Piper said a little embarrassed as she backed away from me. "This is my boyfriend, Jesse, Jesse this is Harry." Piper said as I watched Jesse hold out his hand. I shook it, and let my arm drop back to my side.
After I had said hi to my mum and Gemma we sat back down at the couches.
"So Harry, Piper tells me you're on tour, what's that like?" Jesse smirked at me. Obviously he knows something.
"Actually just got off tour, but its amazing. Really cool experience, the experience of a lifetime." I let out a slight laugh as did he.
We continued talking for a little while. I studied the way he looked at Piper. It didn't look like he liked her really, let alone love her. He looked at her like she was just another project. I hated it. I loved her! This isn't fair at all.
"I'm going to the garage to get some more drinks, anyone want anything?" I asked as I got up.
"I'll just come with you, we can have a little guy to guy chat, eh?" Jesse smirked as he got up.
"Sure, why not?" I returned the smirk. I hate this guy. Hate him. I actually would be very happy for Piper, believe me, but this guy is a major dick. Just the way he acts towards Piper, like she's his slave or something. We walked out the back door and walked toward our garage.
"So, Harry. You jealous?" He laughed.
"Jealous of what?" I said not even close to amused.
"That I get your girl. And you don't." He had the biggest smirk on his face.
"What did Piper tell you?" I asked.
"Absolutely nothing. I just have my ways." He smiled.
"I don't like you. Not one bit. You're just going to hurt Piper." I could feel my fists clenching together.
"You're just mad that I bang your girl all night long.." He made swatting motions indicating he was smacking someone's ass.
"I know for a fact Piper isn't stupid enough to do it with you." I said in disgust. I grabbed the drinks and headed back into the house, Jesse hot on my tail.
"Just think, you can't have her and you can't do anything about it." Jesse said, before we entered the house again. We returned in our spots and continued to talk, it was getting late, so Piper and Jesse went back to Piper's. I have to tell Piper. She has to believe me. He's just using her. My poor poor piper. I waited for his car to leave Piper's driveway, when I went up to my room and opened my window, I waited knowing Piper would come to the window soon. It was sort of a tradition we had. We always said goodnight to each other. She eventually came to the window and opened it. 
"What's up? What did you think of Jesse?" Piper smiled.
"Piper, you have to believe me. He is just using you." 
"What the hell Harry." Shit, I got her mad now.
"Piper, he told me so himself. When we went to get drinks out of the garage. I swear."
"Wow, Harry. I knew you would be mad but now you won't even let me be happy?!" She shouted.
"Piper, you have to believe me!" I shouted back.
"I'm sorry Harry. As of right now you just seem jealous. Goodnight." She said and closed her window and her shade. I slumped back in my chair. This isn't gonna turn out good. He's gonna break her heart. But I guess I'll be here waiting for her. 
I had woken up in the morning to a phone call from Liam.
"Liam?" I said in my morning groggy voice.
"Mate! Have you seen the news?" He asked quickly.
"No, what are-"
"Turn on the telly now!" Liam shouted through the phone. I flipped it over to the news and what I saw I almost couldn't comprehend. (< Anybody get my pun? ;) ) There he was, Piper's kidnapper on TV, with the caption, "Escaped from prison." I dropped the phone. Piper was no longer safe.


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