secret admirer (finished)

Jasmine is an ordinary girl. Well, if by ordinary you mean is in an orphanage with her brother, bff, and a couple of mean girls. With these people nothing is ordinary. What will happen when jasmine goes to school with one direction and has a secret admirer? Will they live happily ever after or happily never after?


15. potential breakup

Jasmine's P.O.V

I was watching television for about 15 minutes and I got really worried. So I went in the kitchen and I saw liam. Kissing. Gege. "Liam? You are such a jerk! I knew I shouldn't have said yes. Well have fun with gege, Liam. Because you don't have me!" I yelled. About to cry. "It is really not what it looked like. I wouldn't hurt you" he said with his arm still around Gege. "He likes me not you. He never liked you. He wants to be with me. But he didn't know that but now he does. Just get out of here you're not wanted or needed" gege said. Liam looked upset. "You will regret that Liam and you Gege, you will wish you were never even born" I spit and left. Liam will pay for that. He has no right to play with my feelings. I will not waste my tears. I will make him feel sorry. Gege too. 

**next day**

Lila's P.O.V

I felt really bad for jazzy but I can't even look at Liam or Gege. "Babe?" Louis said. "Hmm?" I ask. "The boys and their girlfriends are going to do karaoke want to come?" He asked. "Can jazzy come, too?" I ask. He nodded. "Cool I'll call her." I said. I pressed jazzy's speed dial and it rung 2 times then she answered. "Hello?" She answered. "Hi jazzy the boys and the girls are doing karaoke. Want to come with?" "Sure. I will meet you there. Bye" yay! Jazzy is coming! I walked down stairs. "She'll meet us there" I said to Louis. And we started to drive. We sat down but I didn't see her. Then the host said "everyone our next singer is jasmine put your hands together for her!" I wonder what song she'll sing.

Jasmine's P.O.V 

I walked in stage. "Hey everyone. I am jazzy and I am going to sing 'Potential Breakup Song' by ally and aj. Here it goes" I wanted Liam to know this song is for him. The melody started playing. So I sang.

"It took you long 

It took you long

It took you long for you to calk back and normally I would for get that except for the fact it wads my birthday my stupid birthday.

I played along I played along I played along it rolled right off my back but obviously my armor was cracked, what kind of  would forget that? Who would forget that? The kind of guy who doesn't see what he has until she leaves. Don't let me go. Cause without me you know you're lost. Wise upn  now or pay the cost. Soon you will know..  You're not livin' til' you're livin'. Livin' with me. You're not winnin' til' you're winnin' with me. You're not getting til' you're getting. Getting me. You're not livin' til' you're living' living' with me. This is the potential breakup song our album needs just one oh baby please just tell me. We got along we got along we got along until you did that. And now all I want is just my stuff back. Do you get that? Let me repeat that I want my stuff back. You can send it in a box I don't care just drop it off. I won't be home.cause without me you know you're lost. Minus you I'm better off. Soon you will know.... (Chorus: you're not living'...) This is the potential breakup song our album needs just baby please just tell me. This is the potential breakup song. Please just say you're wrong. Which will it be? Which will it be" I finished.and I got a great applause. "Thank you. That was jazzy wasn't age fantastic? We are gonna take a break from karaoke and be back soon" the host said. "Jazzy you were amazing" Daniella said and hugged me. "Thanks" I say. "Daniella is right" Sharon said and hugged me and the lila hugged me. "You were great" I heard someone say. I turned around.

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