secret admirer (finished)

Jasmine is an ordinary girl. Well, if by ordinary you mean is in an orphanage with her brother, bff, and a couple of mean girls. With these people nothing is ordinary. What will happen when jasmine goes to school with one direction and has a secret admirer? Will they live happily ever after or happily never after?


12. movie

Jasmine's P.O.V

I decided to accept and go watch a movie with the lads. "Okay. I'll go" I answered. "Cool. Come on. I'll drive you," Louis said and we walked to his car. "So let's go" I said. "We have to wait for my girlfriend. Shell be out any minute. Here she comes." Louis said. I looked out of Louis' window and I saw............... Lila? "Lila?" I  said as I  got out of the car. "Jaz? Her. Why were you in Louis' car?" Lila asked. "I am going to watch a movie with him and the boys and I am gonna meet their girlfriends." I answered. "Well you just met one of them." Lila said. "What? How long have you been dating?" I asked. "Since school started" "what?!? Why didn't you tell me?" I asked. "Well... Because I am friends with the other girlfriends but you are not" Lila said. "Who are the other girlfriends?" I asked nervously. "Well harry is dating....."

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