secret admirer (finished)

Jasmine is an ordinary girl. Well, if by ordinary you mean is in an orphanage with her brother, bff, and a couple of mean girls. With these people nothing is ordinary. What will happen when jasmine goes to school with one direction and has a secret admirer? Will they live happily ever after or happily never after?


4. meeting them

Jasmine's P.O.V

I was walking to my locker when the boys from one direction I think their names are Neil and Kevin came to me. "Hi I am Niall and this is Louis." Ohhh.. His name is Niall not Neil.

"Hi. I heard of you guys before but I am not really a fan. So um... Which one is Kevin?" I say. They both started to laugh "what is so funny?" I ask. " oh it is just that Kevin is not a person. Kevin is Louis' stuffed pigeon." Wow that made me feel stupid. But I guess it all makes sense. I started laughing and pretty soon they were laughing. Once we all stopped laughing I said " so where are all the other boys?" "Oh they are with their girlfriends would you like to see them?" Louis says " if it is okay with you. Then yes" I answer " its okay with us. C'mon."




Hey! Hoped you liked it! Read next chapter which is an authors note I would have made it here but there is not enough room.

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