secret admirer (finished)

Jasmine is an ordinary girl. Well, if by ordinary you mean is in an orphanage with her brother, bff, and a couple of mean girls. With these people nothing is ordinary. What will happen when jasmine goes to school with one direction and has a secret admirer? Will they live happily ever after or happily never after?


19. deep in thought

Liam's P.O.V

I don't think me and Gege are good together but if I breakup with her who am I going to take to the Valentine's day dance? I can't ask jazzy can I? No I can't. Right? I don't know! But I feel like ever since I have been spending time with Gege I have become more mean. I am really just pretending to date Gege so that Jasmine will be jealous and want me back. 



Hey. Just wanted to tell you a few things. 1) thanks so much for reading I got up to 111 readers thanks to all you guys! 2) since you guys are good readers you should be good writers so leave a comment to say what should happen next. 3) for some reason my co-author doesn't write this book and I need help! 

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