The Sea

A quirky poem about the sea.


1. The Sea


The Sea




As twilight falls the ethereal moon

Gently caresses the weary ocean

With her soft golden arms

 Angels relax her troubled soul

With soothing, blissful lullabies

While she murmurs her contentment

With quiet ripples and foamy sprays

Faint whispers and mellow sighs

Tiny pearlescent beads of love

And a wispy, iridescent glow.


Mystic al stars erupt like volcanic flowers

Burning blazing craters in the cape of night

Before smouldering like jasmine incense

Suffusing the frothy, dreamy ocean

With plumes of twinkling molten silver.


A celestial ship with calmly billowing white sails

Like the serene wings of a butterfly

Leisurely drifts towards the edge of heaven

And disappears over the peaceful horizon.


Bathed in the swirling rose hued mist of dawn

Stunning mother of pearl sea shells

Slumbering in the gurgling rock pools

Shimmer like miniature aquatic rainbows

As harmonious vanilla crested waves

 Like downy angel feathers

 Lap the ocean’s lush coconut bay

And caress silken sheets of toasted gold sand.


Shoals of exotic fish dance in picturesque reefs

With gleaming coral and luminescent sea anemones

In sync with the waves rhythmic sway

While blissful star fish and sweet sea roses

Entwine with love and waltz cheek to cheek

In the temperate, harmonious,  glistening shallows.


The sweet briny breeze playfully ruffles

The bejewelled goddess’s flowing wavy mane

 Of sparkling sapphire and emerald

As she basks in the blissful warmth

Of the sun’s flame red halo.




Seagulls cry shrilly as storm clouds gather overhead

Like a troop of soldiers with swords drawn,

Ready to charge fearlessly into battle.

Hungry sharks circle their doomed prey

With glinting, serrated knife teeth

And beady eyes like cold black marbles.


As the manic thunder crashes her angry symbols

And forked tongues of lightening zigzag

From fire breathing dragons across the slate grey sky

The sea suddenly rears up on her hind legs

 Like an uncontrollable, ferocious wild stallion

Possessed by the devil

Heart pounding, nostrils flaring,

Teeth gnashing, adrenaline coursing.


Her chameleon mane of hissing, writhing cobras

Stands on end and gradually darkens

To a gloomy, foreboding charcoal

The colour of a ship’s steely hull

Reflecting her changeable mood

Mirroring the raging, brutish sky.


Inconsolable mermaids weep uncontrollably

With ashen hearts and bleeding, torn flesh

Perched on lethal, razor sharp rocks

Their forlorn, poignant tears

Cascading like icy waterfalls

Onto the tragic, porcelain faces

Of youthful and beautiful drowned sailors

Tightly clutched to their ample, heaving bosoms

Wrapped in torn sails, like burial shrouds.


The hungry sea roars like a ravenous lion

Then her powerful jaws cruelly snatch

The tragic, battered corpses from their arms

Before she swallows her prey whole

And drags them victoriously deep down

Into her cold, dark, uncharted depths.


For eternity their restless souls will remain

Chained in her arcane, watery graveyard

Along with skeletal, phantom ships

Carcasses of grotesque sea monsters

Priceless treasure chests, rusting anchors

And long buried secrets

Of legendary, ancient mariners.


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan


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