The Angel From My Nightmare (Larry Stylinson)

After Louis claims Larry Stylinson as 'bullshit' he gets a re-occuring nightmare about it, will Harry be the angel from his nightmare?


1. Chapter 1

*Louis’ P.O.V*

      I shot up and gasped for air as I woke up from my nightmare. My breathing was heavy as I tried to catch my breath. Another nightmare. It’s the same nightmare I’ve had every night for a long time now. After I claimed Larry Stylinson as ‘bullshit’ I’ve had this nightmare. “Louis?” I heard Harry ask. “Yeah.” I said. I saw his silhouette as he got up from his bunk. “Another nightmare?” He asked. “Yeah.” I said running my hand through my feathery hair. “How about a cup of tea, yeah?” Harry asked. I nodded. He would do this every night. I’d wake up, and he’d make us both a cup of tea. “Well c’mon then!” He chuckled. I climbed down off my bunk, making sure not to wake up the other boys.

     We were on the tour bus, heading to Glasgow. I walked in the next room to see Harry, only in a pair of boxers, making tea. “Do you want to talk about it?” Harry asked. I shook my head rapidly. “Ok, just know I’m here for you Boo Bear.” Harry said, his back to me. I shivered at the nickname. The way he says it makes my heart flutter. “So, erm, how is Eleanor?” He asked pouring the tea. “She’s good.” I sighed. “Louis?” He asked touching my hand, sending chills up my spine. “Y- Yeah?” I asked. “Louis, I’m worried about you. You are becoming very distant to me. I- I miss you Boo Bear.” He said tears stinging his eyes. “Hazza, I’m worried about me too.” I said quietly.

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