Hell or Love?

19 Year old Jennifer McMasters is a complete mess. She's a drunk, drug user, slut and agressive as hell. She's gonna hurt herself till her life changes. Josh, Her slut buddeh, Abuses her durning sex, rape, and just fucking life. Will all that change by the help of her best friend Ashley,Maddie,Or Katy? Shall Niall Or Louis Help or make it Hell Or Love?


19. Russia!? WHAT!?

(Ashley's POV)

"Welcome to Russia!" RUSSIA?! What!!! I looked down at my plane tickets. Are you fricking kidding me?! Who was so stupid to buy them?! Oh wait. ME! Dammit. Jen's asleep so she'll be out for a while. She'll find out when she's up but Niall! Dammit how the hell do I tell him how stupid I was.


"To: Niall(:

                   Hey Niall. erm it's Ash. So i was basically really stupid and I kinda bought Russia tickets. Not England and Ireland. I'm so sorry but it's gonna be at least 3 weeks. Jen's going through hell right now and I'm gonna keep a closer eye on her. I'm still so sorry. You'll just have to wait."


(Niall's POV)


Russia?! Ashley!! You're fucking retarded!! Now I have to wait longer to see my princess. Is that too much to ask? I think not! God. I'm starving! I stood up walking into the kitchen to find a note on the fridge. 


"Nialler: Hey buddeh. It's Liam. I had to get the boy's out of the house before Jen and Ash show up. They're going girl crazy. You're the only one who's not...at least you're not yet. We'll be out all night and you'll be asleep by the time we get home. Love ya Nialler! ~Leeyum."


Of course. Those boys need to back off. I've heard about Louis' little plan and buddy that's not gonna happen.


(Jennifer's POV)


 I woke up in a hotel bed. I didn't sleep well but whatever. My eyes roamed the room. "Jen. Hey You're up!" I chuckle. "Yeah. I am. So Is England weird yet?" "Erm Jen listen." She sat on the edge of the bed as I sat up. "We're in Russia. I was stupid and i bought the wrong tickets that brought us here." My eyes didn't widen as much as it seemed as my mouth bega to drop but stopped with a knock at the door. "HEYY!!!!!" It was a girl? 15? 16? Who was it?



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