Hell or Love?

19 Year old Jennifer McMasters is a complete mess. She's a drunk, drug user, slut and agressive as hell. She's gonna hurt herself till her life changes. Josh, Her slut buddeh, Abuses her durning sex, rape, and just fucking life. Will all that change by the help of her best friend Ashley,Maddie,Or Katy? Shall Niall Or Louis Help or make it Hell Or Love?


33. Interview and twitter hate already?

(Ashley's POV)

After a well-night sleep with Harry, I woke up right after Harry's feet tounched the ground. "Don't leave me...." My voice was raspy. "Aw Love, I'm not going anywhere, promise." His eyes were so pretty in the morning. I sat up going to the bathroom. "Makeup or no makeup?...Naahh.." I threw my hair up into a messy bun and threw on my red and pink tank with my blue pants. I turned the corner to see Jen still asleerp on the couch while all the boys were driving off to the interview. I kissed her nose. "Morning sunshine" Her side cracked as she turned and groaned. "Whuuhuhuthuttt!!!!" Totally not a morning person I see. "DUDE WAKE UP AND GET READY EVERYONE'S LEFT!!" Her eyes opened and she turned to look at me. She jumped up grabbing a sweater with hearts all over it and purple sweats. "Shoes Jen?" A dirty look flashed me. Jen slipped on boots and ruffled her hair up. "Do I look okay?" Thats when I saw it. "JEN IS THAT A HICKEY?!!?" Her eyes widened putting the palm of her sweater and her hand over it. "N-Nooo? What?" How'd she get it? "Keep it covered during this interview dude...." Jen and I took off walking to the car and driving.

(Jennifer's POV)

After she saw my hickey, my mind was racing with who I was truly in love with. I made a mistake and let him do that during the night. I saw that I was feeling better but with all this to think about, ugh not good. We pulled up to the big screen doors were Paul was waving for us fast. I jumped out first running in not knowing that they're live and sit by Niall. "Jen?! We're live!!" I suddenly saw the people looking at us weird. I kinda shuffled over to Ashley. "Sooo Who are these girls, boys?" The lasy seemed nice but sneaky at the same time. "Basically...erm...they're..." Harry was I guess taking too long to expalin so Liam finished. "They're very lucky fans who ran into us and we wanted them to say for this tour. Nothing more.." She looked at Liam so mean. "BUT THAT ONE RIGHT THERE" She pointed to me and I knew I was in BIG ass trouble. "SAID RIGHT BASICALLY ON NIALLS LAP!? HMMMM EXPLAIN NIALL!" Everyone was giving me dirty looks as my face started to burn and tears welped up. My feet sprung up and started to run and run. "JEN NO!!!" I could hear at least 8 foot steps behind me and voices calling for me. All the boys, Josh, Ashley, and Paul are chasing me. Why!? WHY DID THEY CARE!!! I rememeber falling down the stairs and driving but after that it was a total blur till I woke up on the curn with Josh shirtless. Wtf....Oh. My eyes looked up at my forehead and I saw his shirt dabbing my head. "Nice car wreck you got into.." He whispered. I couldn't turn my neck much.

(Niall's POV)

Josh called my cell first.

Niall-Wait Whhyy? I'm looking for Jen!!
Josh-I..I've found her.

Niall-Oh great!(: where is she?
Josh-On a curb......
Niall-She's...She's okay right?
Josh-Afriad not. I was following her car to see if I could dog stop her but as she went to get onto the highway another fucking drunk guy smacked into the drivers side of Ashley's car.

I coulnd't say anything but my feet did  more talking. They're running at a speed I wish I had when I was younger. As I ran up to the highway, Jen was sitting in the back of the EMS with an ice pack on her head. "Niall!!!" Her face lit up. "Jeeennn..." I sighed as I said her name jogging over to her looking down. "You're not ma-" i cut her off. "Jen listen. I'm just happy you're okay.. That's all that matters. Paul's on his way here with the boys and just to tell you, they're worried." I could see a smile coming to her face but it was taken off by the sound of a car screech.

(Zayn's POV)


I jumped out of the car first cause I think next to Niall, I cared the most. Jen looked up at me as I ran and sat next to her out of breath. "J..E..N.. Y..O..U..O..K..A-" "Zayn! Shhh catch your breath!" She chuckled as she said that and I smiled catching my breath.. "And yush I'm okay I promise.." The EMS guy turned the corner. "So You feel okay to stand?" Jen looked at Me, Niall, then Josh as all 3 of us looked back at her. I knew she was dizzy. Her head was split. Possable concussion. Her legs rose and dropped while giving out. Me, Niall and Josh all caught her on time. "Take that as a no." He walked away. Niall picked her up and started to carry her to the car. "Niall wait!" Josh shouted running after him. "What???" Niall wanted to get her home and resting. "You have to go talk with that lady. Let me take her.." Niall nodded handing her off as I watched from the EMS truck. My feet started to head back to the car and as I got in everyone looked at me. "What....? I care okay..." It was dead silence.

(Jennifer's POV)

"Anything you need?" Josh sat me on the couch. I put my feet up on the coffee table. "My phone thats all." He hurried and got my phone bringing it back. After it was turned on I had loads and loads of twitter messages.

@MeLuvs1D- Jen you're such a fucking bitch its not even funny.

@JulieLuffNiall'sMofo- @Mast8Mc Jen you're sooo fucking stupid. We all know you faked the crash


@AshweeLakers4643-Jen's a slut. Jen's a whore. Nothing less nothing more ^.^ #WhoreWhoreWhoree

@TaylorIsMerFwiend- Go kill yourself. You're just wanting attention.

Josh must have read them from over my shoulder because I could hear his gasp. "How could they?! You didn't fake the crash! I was right behind you and I saw the whole thing. Jen......Jen??" My hands were shaking so much that I screamed and ran to the bathroom. "Jen come out!" I locked the door with a loud click. "Jen no come on.. I'm getting Niall..." I sat in the tub with my phone. A text came in.

Niall- Jen get the hell out of the bathroom.

I wasn't gonna do anything bad I just wanted to be alone. I'm tired of this already, how am I gonna deal with all of this. I heard some knocks. "Wuuuuutt? come on I just wanna be alone!" "Jen please..?" Paul? W-Why did he want me out? "Paul? What..." I heard a sigh. "Jen please come out." My head shook. I didn't wanna come out. Next thing I knew was the door was on the bathroom floor.


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