Hell or Love?

19 Year old Jennifer McMasters is a complete mess. She's a drunk, drug user, slut and agressive as hell. She's gonna hurt herself till her life changes. Josh, Her slut buddeh, Abuses her durning sex, rape, and just fucking life. Will all that change by the help of her best friend Ashley,Maddie,Or Katy? Shall Niall Or Louis Help or make it Hell Or Love?


7. Home And Razors.

(Katy's POV)

All I could do was hold her. She was go pale and lost. Wonder if she knew who's holding her. She muffled into my chest. "Whuiodofldfo??" I kinda chuckled. "Sorry, I dont speak Whuiodofldfo."  I moved her a bit and when she saw my face she smiled nice and bright looking into me with those bright green and blue eyes. Is that a color mixed up!?! OHHH GRLUE!? BLEEN!? Hehehee I wonder!!


(Jennifer's POV)

KATY!! Omg. She'd be the last person I would have expected! Whoa. I held onto her very tight  totally lost and half clueless and I ended up looking at Josh as he stumbbled out the room and into the cop's arms. "Fuck yeah. Bye bitch." Katy shouted. "SHHHH KATY!?!?!" She shot me a look. "Yes? Its true right?" I shruged.


(Ashley's POV)

I rushed into the room to find Katy and Jen talking. "Jen.. You ok-" She stopped me. "Ashley. I'm alright but I didn't mean to stab you." I nodded. "You're okay and thats all that matters"


~Jen's home~


(Ashley's POV)

Jen's been ignorning my call's and texts. WTF JEN!?  I dialed her number again. *I'm sorry but the person you're trying to reach is unavablibe* JEN WTF! I looked around and stood up. I could see the bathroom light on in the house. Wait. No. She can't be? Jen's not that type of girl. *AHHHHHHHHHHHHH* That's all i needed to hear.


(Jennifer's POV)

The razor was sharper than it seemed. I couldn't hold it in.  I've never done this before but it felt so damn good. cuts all over my body filled the air with sweet non-pain. "AHHHHHHHH" The razor made 56 main hard tight cuts. 57...58...59..6- blood shot everywhere. The walls, Floor, My face. What happend? It wasn't the razor. Was I Not alone? Was.... Was..It?

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