Hell or Love?

19 Year old Jennifer McMasters is a complete mess. She's a drunk, drug user, slut and agressive as hell. She's gonna hurt herself till her life changes. Josh, Her slut buddeh, Abuses her durning sex, rape, and just fucking life. Will all that change by the help of her best friend Ashley,Maddie,Or Katy? Shall Niall Or Louis Help or make it Hell Or Love?


15. Him? And twitter. Hmmm?

(Katy's POV)

"Tell Me Now." Should I? No! that'll ruin everything for her and Ashley. They have to be a secret! "He's a cute guy." "TELL ME NOW!" I Sighed and looked down. "ToBeHonest  I can't tell you!" She looked really pissed off and shook her head and walked into Ashley's.


(Jennifer's POV)

Man This is even more hell for me. I wanna know who the hell is "Him" Ashley's talking to "Him" Katy is talking about "Him" and I wanna know why i can't know who "Him" is!! ugh come on! I plopped down on Ashley's couch and watched Toy Story 2. Hahaha Liam. I Wish that'd happen but nopppee.


(Niall's POV)


Hehe Ashley DM me and told me that Jen's begging to know who "Him" is. Good news. Him Is here. I Know Him. But Him and Guy Will Get Pissed off and fight over Jen. She's damn beauitful.


(Louis' POV)


Guy and Him Will incounter A LOT Of fights over Jen but "He's" Takin Ashley already so she's taken by "He's" Hahaha oh man Jen's face.


(Zayn's POV)



@ZaynMalik: Guy's Im lost. Help me before someone's gone and dead foreveah.

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