Hell or Love?

19 Year old Jennifer McMasters is a complete mess. She's a drunk, drug user, slut and agressive as hell. She's gonna hurt herself till her life changes. Josh, Her slut buddeh, Abuses her durning sex, rape, and just fucking life. Will all that change by the help of her best friend Ashley,Maddie,Or Katy? Shall Niall Or Louis Help or make it Hell Or Love?


3. Car Ride's Always Hell With HER!!

(Ashley's POV)


"JEN!!!!" How could he!? Why would he though? How did he find her? Wait-She can't know!! I ran over too her placing my hand over a cut looking up at Josh. "JOSH!! HOW COULD YOU!?".  I hope he knew I was pissed. Jen was like my sister and now he fucking basicallt torn her apart! "A-A-Ashley! Please I.. I Didn't know!!" He was really upset but this wouldn't stop him from continuing more throughout life. "Bullshit, Josh!" I picked Jen is bridal style and carried her to the car. Just as I  opened the door her eye's fluttered open. "A-Ashweeee"? "Yeah."  I sat her down and she was too weak to move. "There's napkin's in the glove box. I Suggest using one." She looked at me weird grabbing one wiping off blood.


(Jennifer's POV)


 "There's napkin's in the glove box. I Suggest using one."  I knew I looked at her weird. Why did she tell me that? I looked and washed away some blood looking over at her as she slammed the door shut. "Chill, Ashley". Was it me? Waaiitt... "Hey. How did you know that I Was there?? My phone's GPS? Haha well-" She was in the middle of starting the car when she froze and stopped. She looked over with her huge hazel eyes and I could see her lip shaking. I knew she was hiding something deep. She was gonan tell me One Way Or Another(;


(Ashley's POV)


My lip was already shaking. Well it's too late to hide it she knows im hiding it. I let out a huge deep breath and began. "Jen, Listen. Josh.. Josh is my brother. I-I WOULD HAVE WARNED YOU BUT-" She cut me off by yelling, "SO YOU'RE TRYING TO TELL ME THAT YOU LET YOUR BROTHER FUCKING HAVE SEX WITH ME AND ALMOST KILL ME AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT WAS YOUR BROTHER!?" She. Was. PISSED!! "Jen! NO!! THAT'S NOT HOW IT HAPPENED! HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT JOSH WAS GONNA DO THAT!? AND WOULD YOU BREATH YOU'RE TURNING-" She was turning blue. "Jen? JEN!? NO JEN!" Her head hit the dashborad. She was holding her breath. Something she does when shes mad to not yell again.

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