Hell or Love?

19 Year old Jennifer McMasters is a complete mess. She's a drunk, drug user, slut and agressive as hell. She's gonna hurt herself till her life changes. Josh, Her slut buddeh, Abuses her durning sex, rape, and just fucking life. Will all that change by the help of her best friend Ashley,Maddie,Or Katy? Shall Niall Or Louis Help or make it Hell Or Love?


26. ***Authors Note***

Hello my damn beautiful fans. I have a secret to spill maybe a few.

1- Kenize Is my fuckin' squishy. Just wanted to tell ya'll.

2-I'm Irish actually and from Ireland xD

3- If you guys ever wanna be in this as like my friend or a fan just  comment telling me you're name and just a bit about you (: you'll be in it.

4-I'm not gonna be updating as much as I am this weekend. I'm packed with lots and lots of work haha but yes updates wil be everyday.

5- If you wanna talk Kik Me: 1DHoranHugs You know You Wanna xD

6- Thank you ALL just for being there for me. I love you boo's! (:

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