A lot can happen in 9 months

I sat on the edge of the bathtub. My mind constantly thinking, not giving me a moment of serenity. 5 minutes had gone by, it was time. This is it. This is the time where my life either changes or I get a chance to better myself.

I got up off of the bathtub and walked to the counter. I picked it up and read it aloud.

“Pregnant, 2-3 weeks”

My heart sank.


18. Your Having A Baby-


It's been a few weeks since Harry woke up. Harry told me that he would pretend to be the father of my baby so Craig would leave me alone. He hasn't found me yet but I don't think he will give up.

I've been sleeping at Louis and Harry's place. I love sleeping in Harry's bed it just feels right.

I got up and made some breakfast for Louis and I. I made eggs and bacon. The bacon was a bad idea. As soon as it started cooking I got sick. The smell of meat cooking always makes me sick now.

I heard talking coming from Louis room, two minutes after Eleanor walked out of his room. They got back together?

"Hey Zoe, how are you feeling" she said walking towards the door.

"Hi, I'm great. You?" I was confused.

"I'm great. See ya." she was gone.

What the Hell! I like Eleanor but I had no idea that her and Louis were back together.

"Sup player." I said to Louis, his hair was all messy. I knew Eleanor and him got it in last night.

"Oh shut it Zo. What are you cooking me?" he sat down at the island.

"I was making Bacon, but that made me sick so it's just eggs now." I smiled as I put the eggs on his plate.

"Awesome thanks doll." he smiled.

"I gotta go, I'm going to see Harry. I'm bringing him home today." I smiled. I was finally happy.

"Alright. Have fun." Louis shoveled the food into his mouth. Reminding me of Niall.

I walked into Harry's en suit. His bathroom is so huge. The shower alone could probably fit 10 people. Anyway, I took a shower, and got dressed. I wore a pair of black skinny jeans (yeah they make them for pregnant people), a Superman t-shirt, my black heels (I can still walk in them) and my heart necklace.

I headed out. I got into my car and drove to the hospital. Today was the day Harry gets to come home.

We've been in the tabloids. The new "power couple". Everyone has been told I am pregnant with Harry's baby. He doesn't mind and neither do I.

Today was also the day that I get to find out the gender of my baby. I think Harry is more excited than me.

I got to the hospital and the paparazzi were already there. Paul was waiting for me, he has taken my protection into his own hands. He is scared people will push me and hurt me or the baby.

I walked through the crowd with Paul right behind me.

"Zoe, how are you feeling? How's the baby?" one paparazzi shouted at me. I knew this guy I've seen him before so I answered.

Most of the paparazzi are really nice. The fans not so much.

"Hey guys, I'm feeling great and our baby is great. Today we find out the sex. I'll keep you posted." I said blowing a kiss as I walked into the hospital.

I pretty much ran up to Harry's floor. I wanted him out of here and at home with me. I hated sleeping alone.

"Babe!" Harry was already out of his room, waiting in the hallway.

"Harry." I ran into his arms. He didn't scoop me up because well it's kind of difficult when I'm pregnant.

"I'm ready to go, let's get out of here." Harry grabbed his bag, grabbed my hand and started walking. We got into the elevator when he was about to press the wrong floor button.

"Harry, the maternity floor. Remember we find out the sex today." I couldn't help but smile.

"Oh shit yeah. Babe I'm so excited." he started to smile too.

We walked into the ultrasound waiting room. My stomach was turning, I was nervous. I don't know why but I just was.

"Styles." the woman called our name. We followed her into the ultrasound room.

"Ok, Zoe. Lay down on this bed." she patted the bed.

"Now you are 22 weeks, correct?" she was smiling at me, almost like a clown.

"Yep, that's correct." her smile just made me smile more.

"Ok, how have you been feeling? Have you been taking all of you vitamins?"

"I've been feeling good, great even. Yep all of them."

"Ok great, are you ready to find out what gender this bundle of joy is?" her smile got even bigger if you can believe it.

"Hell yeah!" Harry chimed in.

"Oh sorry, yes we are ready." he apologized.

"No worries, you're excited and you have every right to be." you can tell this woman loves her job.

"Ok, this jelly is going to be cold." she squirted the tube onto my stomach. She was right. It is cold.

She showed us the features of the baby, even though it wasn't recognizable as a baby. Then she gave us the news.

"You're having a baby-"


Hey guys! So... What should the gender be...?

Boy   Or   Girl 

Tell me in the comments below!

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