A lot can happen in 9 months

I sat on the edge of the bathtub. My mind constantly thinking, not giving me a moment of serenity. 5 minutes had gone by, it was time. This is it. This is the time where my life either changes or I get a chance to better myself.

I got up off of the bathtub and walked to the counter. I picked it up and read it aloud.

“Pregnant, 2-3 weeks”

My heart sank.


11. Thats when it happened


Harry's POV:

I can't believe she did this to me. Ok I get that we weren't dating but I thought we had something special. Maybe she's just like every other girl. I thought she was different. She was probably trying to pin the baby on me and she probably didn't think she would get caught. I gotta go talk to the boys. I need their advice. I gotta call them.

I dialed Zayn's number. "Hey, are you with the boys? I need some advice and it's a shocker."

"Hey mate, yeah. Everyone but Liam. He's working out or something. Is it about that chick?" he laughed.

"Alright man, I'm on my way. Yeah it is. See ya." I hung up before he could reply.

I walked over to Zayn's flat. I feel guilty for just walking out on Zoe and not giving her a chance to speak. But I was pissed off. I thought she was a genuine chick.

I don't even bother knocking on the door. All of us boys have a walk-in policy. Just walk-in when you get here. Were all too lazy to answer the door.

"I'm here" I scream into the flat. Where the fuck are they?

"Back here bitch!" I hear Louis scream from the game room. Yeah Zayn's got a sick flat all pimped out and what not. Typical Zayn fashion.

I walked through the hallway and into the game room.

"Sup, bitches. What are you guys doing?" I say. Laughing as Zayn and Louis throw darts at a picture of Zayn's ex.

"Oh just taking out some anger. Thought it was a good idea." Zayn said whipping another dart at the picture.

"Wow mate, calm down. She's so not worth it bro." of course here's Niall the voice of reason.

"Alright, sit down guys I need some advice about this chick." I say pointing to the couch.

Zayn sits down on the Lazy-Boy, Niall and Louis sit beside me on the couch.

"Alright man, shoot. What's going on?" Niall says once again being sincere. 

"Alright. You know this Zoe chick. Well today I found out she's pregnant." silence fills the room.

"Harry what the Hell! You got a chick pregnant. Management is gonna have a field day. What's your mum gonna say. She's too hot and young to be a Grandmother." Of course Louis would bring my mother into this.

"First of all, shut up about my mum. Second, I didn't knock her up. It's not my baby." I say reassuring the boys.

"Oh thank fucking God!" Niall says.

"Look, I know we aren't dating but I feel as if she cheated on me. We get along real well and we are super close. I shouldn't be mad but I can't help it I really like this chick." I say frustrated.

"Ok if it's not your kid what's the big deal. She obviously got pregnant before you knew her. How many weeks is she?" Zayn finally spoke.

"Well, the test said 2-3 weeks. So I guess you're right. I didn't know her. Maybe that's why she didn't talk to me for almost a week. Oh fuck!" I said realizing what happened.

Zoe was pregnant from her ex. Which means, she's pregnant with a baby that was created through rape. I'm such a fucking asshole!

"What is it mate?" Niall said.

"Zoe had an abusive ex and he did something really horrible to her." All of the boys faces dropped. They already knew what I meant.

"You mean he-" Louis couldn't finish his sentence.

"Yeah he did. That means that I got mad at her pretty much called her a whore the whole time she's caring a baby made from hate. What am I gonna do?" I say even more pissed off at myself. 

"First of all find that son-of-a-bitch and fuck him up! Then apologize to her and let her tell you her side of the story. You obviously didn't give her a chance to explain before running out on her." Zayn continued.

"If you really like this chick, see how it goes. Don't make a promise that you can't keep. Remember you've only known her for a month so don't go talking a serious relationship yet. No go, go find her and tell her your sorry." Zayn's been hanging out with Liam too much. He's starting to sound like the "Daddy Directioner"

"Thanks mates, I gotta go! I'll call you tomorrow to tell you what happened. Unless she beats me up so bad I end up in the hospital." I say walking into the hallway.

"Peace out man." all three say in unison. 

I'm such an asshole, why didn't I see this before. Why couldn't I just let her talk. I gave up on her when she needed me the most. Now she will probably never talk to me again.

I ran out of Zayn's flat to my car. I got in and drove as fast as I could to Zoe's flat.

That's when it happened.

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