A lot can happen in 9 months

I sat on the edge of the bathtub. My mind constantly thinking, not giving me a moment of serenity. 5 minutes had gone by, it was time. This is it. This is the time where my life either changes or I get a chance to better myself.

I got up off of the bathtub and walked to the counter. I picked it up and read it aloud.

“Pregnant, 2-3 weeks”

My heart sank.


56. I'm too Late


Harry's POV:

Paul brought over a letter from Zoe. I don't wanna read it.

I can't just let her go. She's not like any other girl. She's THE girl. She's MY girl.

I screwed up and I get that but I don't want to read some letter that probably says she hates.

I don't care about Sabrina. She's just a girl. 

My girlfriend and daughter are just walking out of my life.

I don't want to feel anymore.

Louis walked into the flat.

Did you get a note?

"Yeah mate."

What did it say?

"I don't know. I didn't read it."

Why not? You owe her at least that much Harry!

"I can't do it Lou! I can't read a note that says we are really over."

How do you know what it's going to say? Open it Harry, or you'll regret it. 

He walked into his bedroom. I wasn't going to open the letter. 

I had to see if she had gone yet. I called up Liam.

"Hey Li. Look I know Zoe probably told you not to tell me but I need to know if she left your flat already."

She left about an half an hour ago.

"Thanks mate."

I hung up the phone, grabbed my keys and the letter. I had to try to stop Zoe. I got into my car and headed to the airport.

"Please don't be gone yet."

I pretty much sped the whole way there.

I ran inside. I tried to find the gate she would be leaving from. I knew she would be going to Paris. She loves Paris. She's always wanted to go there.

I ran to the gate and saw it was closed.

"I'm too late."

I started to cry. If I only would've left earlier I could've stopped her. She's gone. The love of my life and daughter are gone.

I left the airport and got into my car. I grabbed the letter from my pocket and opened it. As soon as I saw her hand writing I started to cry more.

"Dear Harry,"

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