A lot can happen in 9 months

I sat on the edge of the bathtub. My mind constantly thinking, not giving me a moment of serenity. 5 minutes had gone by, it was time. This is it. This is the time where my life either changes or I get a chance to better myself.

I got up off of the bathtub and walked to the counter. I picked it up and read it aloud.

“Pregnant, 2-3 weeks”

My heart sank.


20. Did I ruin the mood?


I drove Harry back to his flat. I helped him in the house, and brought his things into our room. I dropped his one of his bags on the floor. Harry had the other too and dropped them beside the other.

I sat down on the bed just looking at Harry. He came and sat down beside me.

"I hope you know how beautiful you are." he said staring at me.

"Awe well thanks babe. You're pretty handsome! I hope you know that." I met his eyes with mine.

Before I could talk again, Harry grabbed me face with his hands and met his lips with mine. I felt butterflies, it felt like this was our first kiss. His tongue grazed my bottom lip asking for entrance, I opened my mouth and let him in.

Harry laid me down on the bed. He stood up and took off his shirt. I looked at him as he did. He has scares now, from the accident. They are faint but you can see them if you look hard enough. I like them, they show how he made it threw his struggle.

He climbed back on top of me. Well almost on top. More like to the side of me. We continued kissing. Harry finally had enough and grabbed the bottom of my shirt. He started to pull it up when I stopped him.

"Harry, I-" he didn't let me finish. He knew what I was going to say.

"Zoe, you are beautiful. Even more now that you are pregnant, you are glowing. I love you and nothing is going to change that." That's exactly what I needed to hear.

Harry pulled my shirt over my head. Exposing my medium sized round belly. He continued kissing me. I reached down to his zipper, unzipped his pants. Harry did the rest, he kicked them off and kicked them to the floor. He then unzipped my pants, pulled them down and threw them hitting the wall and falling to the ground.

There I was 5 months pregnant with Harry hovering over top of me. It felt awkward but nice. He put his arms behind me and reached for my bra clasp. He was fidgeting with my bra for awhile, I finally decided to tell him.

"Front, Harry. It clasps in the front." I whispered in his ear.

"Oh right." and like that he had it off. 

He slowly kissed down my body, reaching my belly he gave it a peck. He reached my panties, he grabbed them by the hem and pulled them off. Just like my pants he threw them and they hit the floor. 

We didn't want to wait, we couldn't wait it had been 4 1/2 months since we have done anything except kiss.

He grabbed his boxers pulled them down and tossed them behind him.

He climbed over me. He had to crank his head down because my belly, but I met him half way. 

That's when Louis came in.

"Hey gu-" he stopped and stared at us. He turned around so his back was facing us. I screamed and dove under the covers.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry." he laughed.

"Lou, get outta here." Harry threw a pillow at Louis.

"Hey, Zo. You're looking good." he laughed even more.

"LOU!" Harry threw another pillow at him. This time Louis grabbed the doorknob and shut the door.

"Babe, it's ok. I gotta go to my flat anyway." I said standing up and walking towards my clothes.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Harry pointed at his junk.

I just laughed, Harry grabbed his boxers and put them back on.

"Do you want some company?" he asked grabbing my waist and pulling me closer to him.

"No you stay here and hang out with Lou. He's missed you so much." I threw his pants and shirt at him and he put them on.

We both finished getting dressed and walked out of the room. 

"Did I ruin the mood?" Louis laughed as he sat on the couch.

"Not at all Lou." Harry sat beside him.

"See you boys later. Have fun." I opened the front door and closed it as I left.

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