I'd kill for you

Lara is going on a summer holiday to Spain, where she is going to a One Direction-concert. When she goes to the concert she immediately falls in love with Harry Styles. So much, that she would kill for him.


3. Going out

Lara's P.O.V.

'What dress shall I wear?" I asked Melissa, "The red one or the blue one?"

"Definetly the blue one, because that will match your shoes and your eyes. Which one shall I wear? Pink or purple?"

"My red one, because you look gorgeos in red. And you should wear your black high heels with that!" 

So she wore my red dress and I was wearing my blue dress. After taking a picture for Instagram, we left our room and went downstairs, where the boys were waiting. They welcomed us with a kiss and then we walked to the club where we were going. Sam was holding my hand. It was clear that he really liked me. I didn't really like him, but that wasn't relevant at the time. We went in, showed our ID-cards and walked to the dancefloor. We all went there and started to party. Sam was looking at me like all the time. I thought it was cute. He is cute. We took a few drinks and then we went partying. Some shots. Cocktails. Like that.


The next morning I couldn't remember anything. Sam was laying on my right and Melissa on my left. I stood up. One of the blankets of the bed was wrapped around me, and the other one was wrapped around Melissa. When I was "waking up" the blanket fell off me and suddenly I was naked. What happened last night? I had definetly been drinking way too much. Would I have made out with Sam? Or maybe I had made out with Joey? Joey! Where was he? Then I heard something in the kitchen. With the blanket wrapped around me like a toga, I walked into the kitchen, where I saw Joey eating a hotdog.

"Good morning!" he said, he seemed sober, "You want some breakfast? I have hotdogs!"

I laughed, as far as I could. Everything I did was hurting my head. I sat down on the chair on the other side of the table. I grabbed a hotdog out of the bag and took a bite out of it. forgetting that I was vegetarian. But I didn't care. I just had to eat, something, anything. Today I'm not going to do anything, I thought to myself. But then I thought of the concert. One Direction. I had to go there, Melissa has been talking about it the last half year. Plus I would have spend a lot of money for nothing then. When I looked up I saw Sam standing next to my chair. "Goodmorning babe." and he gave me a kiss. "Oh, hi Joey."  he sad a little dissapointed. "How's Melissa doing? Is she still sleeping?" I asked, to avoid awkward silences. "Yes, she's sleeping." Sam grabbed a hotdog, too. 


Melissa's P.O.V. 

I woke up by voices coming from the small kitchen in the appartment. When I sat up, everything was turning around me for about half a minute. Then I noticed that I was almost naked, and I putted on my long shirt and a pair of shorts. Then I went to the kitchen, where everyone was staring at me. A bag of hotdogs was laying on the table and I grabbed one, hungry as I was.    

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