A Summer to Remember

Alison's parents are gone for the entire summer and she is about to have the best time of her life. Ali's summer is filled with fun, laughter, romance, an ex boyfriend, and drama.


1. Unexpected Meeting

I’m sitting, gazing at the clock. One minute, one second closer to what is about to be the best summer of my life. I start daydreaming about the pool, the water crystal clear water.

                “Ali, Ali!” my friend, Hannah nudges me.

                “Is Alison here?” my study hall teacher asks.

                “I’m right here Mrs.Johnson. Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention” I reply quickly.

                “It’s not summer yet Alison, just one period left, don’t drift off yet!” she says before moving on to the next person on the attendance list.

                “That proves how much I want summer Hannah! It needs to come faster!” I say as I turn my chair to face her.

                “Yea, I can tell. Just wait one more period. Anyway, you’re still coming to my party later, right?” Hannah asks me.

                “Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world! I’m just going to be late because I’m going to say goodbye to my parents” I reply as I squeeze her tiny body into my arms. My parents were going on a vacation for the summer that my dad won from his work. That means I would be able to do whatever I want over the summer! I was getting more pumped by the second. My mom is leaving me 5 thousand dollars for the entire summer. I made a plan so I wouldn’t blow it all in the first week. That would be bad. But, I was jealous of my parents. They’re going to Bora Bora for the entire summer! I’ve only dreamed about going there. It amazes me how the hotel rooms lead right into the water!

                “So…my mom wants me to invite the new neighbor to my party…I don’t even know him!” Hannah complains as I turn my attention to her.

                “Have you met him yet? What does he look like?” I ask curiously.

                “I haven’t seen him yet. I just called his house to invite him,” she answers me as she closes her book.

                “Well, he may not be that bad. You never know. He may be very attractive!” I tell Hannah trying to make her feel better.

                “Or he is going to be really ugly...” she says as we burst into laughter. Our teacher shushes us and we both open up our books. Why does this teacher think that I’m going to read on the last day of school? She clearly hasn’t learned a lot about me this year. I zone out and start thinking about Hannah’s party.  A lot of people are going to be there. 

I can already picture the drama. But, I'm gonna try my best to stay away from it. Drama is so pointless, especially since its the start of summer. We're suppose to be having fun. I'm already planning on rocking it on the volleyball court. Then of course the classic games. My thoughts get interrupted when the intercom turns on.

                "Good afternoon! Students, we wish you a safe and fantastic summer! Have fun! Teachers, you may now dismiss your students!" 

As if right on cue, all of us barge out the doors. I've never seen people more excited. I speed walk to my locker. I put all my stuff in my bag clearing out my locker. I look at the emptiness of the red rectangle that held all of my things and dealt with all my slamming. I slowly close my locker and turn around to see Hannah coming towards me. We start walking out the door when our friend savannah joins us. 

               "Are you guys ready for the best party ever!?" Hannah shouts. She's all jumpy and is smiling from ear to ear. 

                       "Hell yea!" Savannah replies just as excited.

We stop in front on my bus. I turn to them. 

                                "Let's make this summer the wildest one we've had yet" I tell them as I put my pinky in. They wrap their pinkies around mine and we all yell "LET'S DO THIS!" We laugh and they stroll off as I walk the three steps to get onto the bus. I go grab my seat in the back of the bus. Once everyone gets on, the bus starts moving and we're out of the school parking lot. On the curb you can see all the teaches waving. It was actually a good year. I had lots of fun memories. A couple of really good teachers. I'm listening to the radio when I realize its time to get off. I step down, off of the bus and run to my house. I drop my backpack and quickly do a backhand spring out of joy! I pick us my backpack and walk inside to have a breeze of cool air hit me. I lay my stuff on the couch and go to the garage. My parents were waiting in the basement. 

                                  "Okay, Ali, we trust that you can handle yourself. Auntie will be calling every night. Be careful, safe, and watch out for yourself. Don't be lazy and" 

                                     "Mom, I got this. I got the whole speech yesterday. Don't worry. I hope you guys have a lot of fun! Love you! " I interrupted my mom and said goodbye. I tried making it quick so I wouldn't start crying. They get into the car and drive off. I close the garage and head into my room. It's time for Hannah's party. I grab all my stuff for camping and head to the bathroom to change. I put on my bikini, shorts and a tank top over it. I put on my flip flops as I grab my phone and head out the door. Hannah lives in the next neighborhood so I've decided to walk. The party has already started but not much could have happened.... I hope. I turn onto Hannah's street. I keep walking as I turn my head to the side to look at all of the nice houses. She lives in such a nice neighborhood. I'm gazing at a person garden when my legs make contact with something and I fall. 

                     "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" somebody says as I try to figure out what happened. I look up to see a guy, maybe a year older then me looking down. Damn it. He's cute. And I just made myself look like an idiot. 

                        "It's okay. It's my fault. I should have been watching where I was going." I say as I take his hand and stand up. 

                         "Oh, hi! My name is Austin. I'm new to the neighborhood!" He says introducing himself. 

                          "Hey! I'm Ali! " I reply looking down to locate my things. 

                              " I was invited to my neighbors party and I was on my way when... Well when we collided" he says letting out a laugh. 

                       "We'll guess what? I'm also going to that party!" I reply picking up my things. Austin picks up his things and we start walking towards Hannah's. As we're walking, I start to figure out this guy. He's cute, has the most amazing eyes and seems really nice. I show Austin which house it is. We walk up to the door and I ring the doorbell. A couple awkward moment later, the door creaks open. 


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