I Swore I Wouldn't Love.

I love you with everything I am, and more than anyone ever thought possible...
Cassie once swore to never love anyone again after a hurtful experience while meeting the most amazing boy. Zayn Malik. Will she feel differently after meeting Zayn again?|| This Fan-Fiction is rated mature content because there is some mild language and some mature things...||


8. Why?

~Cassie's Pov~

I woke up in James' arms regretting everything that had happened the night before. I slowly and quietly snuck out of James' grip got dressed and left. He hadn't changed at all, all he wanted was a one night stand. I need to get him out of my head I have Zayn, kind of. As I entered my flat I took a shower I wanted any trace of James out of my life. For good just as I got out of the shower my phone rang it was Zayn I answered it quick 'Hey Zayniee' I said happy to hear his voice. 'Hey beautiful' he said after me 'What's up?' I ask going to sit on the couch 'I just wanted to hear your voice' he was so sweet all of a sudden but I knew he did bad things behind my back I wasn't any better though 'Good because I wanted to hear yours too!' I said as a I got butterflies 'I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today?' he asked me 'sure of course' I answered suddenly thinking of James.. I should of at least said something before I left. 'Okay pick you up at 2?' he asked 'I will be ready!' I replied then we said goodbye and I went to get ready.


When Zayn came to pick me up I was all ready. I just couldn't stop thinking of James and how stupid I was I was stupid enough to think he actually cared for me. After 3 fucking years I still thought he cared.. What was wrong with me? I was soon ripped out of thought when Zayn asked 'Everything okay love? You look upset..' I turned to face him as I was met with a worried look 'Yes I'm fine..' I lied 'Are you sure?' he asked unconvinced 'Yeah, have you seen that movie Pitch Perfect?' I answered trying to change the subject 'No why is it good?' he asked.



~Zayn's Pov~

It was clear something was bothering Cassie but I could tell she didn't want to talk about it so I let it slip.

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