I Swore I Wouldn't Love.

I love you with everything I am, and more than anyone ever thought possible...
Cassie once swore to never love anyone again after a hurtful experience while meeting the most amazing boy. Zayn Malik. Will she feel differently after meeting Zayn again?|| This Fan-Fiction is rated mature content because there is some mild language and some mature things...||


5. The place

~Cassie's Pov~

When we got to where Zayn was taking me I noticed exactly what it was. It was a fair! I love fairs and festivals, did he do that on purpose?

~After the fair~

~Zayn's Pov~

After the fair I took Cassie out for dinner at the fair I won her a giant unicorn she kept telling me how much she loved its fluffy-ness it was cute but not as cute as her. As we were leaving the restaurant I noticed a bunch of flashing lights forgetting I was famous 'Zayn smile for the camera!!' One of the papz said 'Hey Zayn is this your new girlfriend?! She's a cutie' as someone said this I got a bit jealous I don't know though we aren't even dating.. 


~After they made it to the car~

As I sat down in the car after helping Cassie in I was wondering what we should do next. "Can we go to the pub?" She asked "Sure why not" I know it was wrong because she had a drinking problem but what could really go wrong? 

~Cassie's Pov~ 

When we got to the pub Zayn and I had a couple of drinks well a little more then a couple on a account of I definitely did not feel sober when we got to his house. 'Why are we here?' I asked kind of wondering how I got here 'I thought it would of been a little easier to come here instead' he assured me. 'Okay Mr.Malik' I said while sitting on his black leather couch he sat on the one across from me. 'I want you' I said almost shocked that the words came out of my mouth 'in what way?' He said with a playful grin. What the fuck was going on?  Why did I say that was it true?! I don't know what it was but something about him made me want him badly.'Never mind I'm tired' I said while fake yawning. 'Okay bedroom is that way and you can wear some of my clothes' he said while pointing to his bedroom. After I had dressed myself I snuggled under the blankets and waited.. I wasn't sure what exactly I was waiting for but I felt a bit lonely. So I got out of bed and found Zayn on the couch 'Zayn..??' I whispered just in case he was asleep. 'Yes love?' he replied. 'Erm..  was just wondering if... you would sleep with me?' I said a bit shy. 'Sure love.' he said a bit surprised. As we cuddled I felt close to Zayn it felt like old times. When we used to cuddle and talk all night long.. I miss those days.. We were never actually dating but I think or I thought I loved him.



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