I Swore I Wouldn't Love.

I love you with everything I am, and more than anyone ever thought possible...
Cassie once swore to never love anyone again after a hurtful experience while meeting the most amazing boy. Zayn Malik. Will she feel differently after meeting Zayn again?|| This Fan-Fiction is rated mature content because there is some mild language and some mature things...||


10. The Accident

~Zayn's Pov~

As I was driving to Cassie's house I got a call from my dad so I answered 'Hello?' I answered 'Zayn your mother has just gotten into a car accident and she's now in the hospital, can you come as soon as you can?' he sounded as if he was rushing 'Yeah I will be there' I answer him maybe now was the time my parents could meet Cassie? As I got to Cassie's house I explained to her what had happened and we left to the hospital as soon as possible. When we got there we saw my dad in the waiting room 'Zayn' Cassie whispered as we were making our way over to my dad 'Yes love?' 'What if he doesn't like me?' I stopped midway through the hall way and looked down into Cassie's eyes, 'If I love you, they will too don't worry' I said while kissing her 'Okay! Lets go then!' she replied while pulling away. When we reached my dad he embraced me in a hug 'Zayn, it feels like its been years! Don't be a stranger!' I pulled away from his hug and introduced Cassie to him 'Dad, this is Cassie' Cassie and my dad then shook hands everything seemed to be going smoothly then the doctor came out and said we could see her. It pained me to see my mom in such condition. As my mom saw us walk in her smile grew 'Zayn! Come here!' I walked up to her and hugged her it felt good, I've never really realized how much a hug could do until now. As we pulled away I introduced Cassie once again 'Mom, this is Cassie my girlfriend' I had only told my dad about me having a girlfriend so this was new to my mom. 'Zayn has a girlfriend? And she's pretty? Wow. Hi I'm Patricia' my mom said I knew she would like her Cassie then shook her hand everything was going good so far. We ended up staying and talking until the doctor told us visiting hours were done so we said our goodbyes then Cassie and I left.


Do Zayn's parents actually like Cassie?

Is Zayn's mom going to be okay?

What will happen next?

A/N I'm so sorry I haven't been posting I haven't had a chance to go on the computer but I will try more! Love you lots Xx 

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